5 Twilight Facts We Are Sure Even Die-Hard Fans Didn’t Know About(Pic Credit: IMDb)
5 Twilight Facts We Are Sure Even Die-Hard Fans Didn’t Know About(Pic Credit: IMDb)

It’s been over a decade since the first Twilight film hit the theatres. For years back then, it was the only thing that people wanted to talk about! While the craze around the film has relatively subsided, there is still a certain section of cine-goers who can’t get enough of it.

So, we thought, why not treat fans of the series with some rather interesting facts about the film. Here’s our list of 5 facts about Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series.

1. The Series Was Born Out A Dream That Meyer Had:

Yes you read that! Stephanie Meyer confessed that the iconic scene of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan laying a meadow first came to the author in a dream. Eventually in her curiosity to find out what happens to the girl and the boy next, Meyer wrote the entire Twilight Saga!

2. Not Robert Pattison But Henry Cavill Was The Original Choice For Edward:

There is not one soul who would not drool over Henry Cavill and Stephanie Meyer was no different. The author confessed that the moment she knew her book was being adapted into a film franchise she knew the actor she wanted for the part. However as sad as it sounds, by the time things actually fell into place, Henry had grown too old to play the part.

3. Taylor Lauter Was ALMOST Replaced In New Moon:

Taylor Lauter made women go weak in their knees with his muscles and that grin. But did you know the makers of the film almost decided to drop him in New Moon because they thought that he did not look convincing enough as a teenage vampire owing to his body? However, Lauter was determined to keep the role and spent hours in the gym to beef up and gained about 30 lbs and give us one of the most drool-worthy werewolves of all times!

4. Edward Cullen Had The Meanest Things To Say About The Franchise:

While there was a section of film lovers who were ardent fans of the Twilight series, there were also many who detested the concept and the series in total. But what comes as the biggest shocker is that Edward Cullen himself does not have the nicest things to say about the Twilight series. Infact in one of his interviews, the actor had even said that he felt he stopped mentally growing during the film shoot.

5. Jennifer Lawrence Had Auditioned For The Role Of Bella Swan

Yes, you read that! Jennifer Lawrence had confessed that she was devastated when she did not bag the role of Bella Swan despite auditioning for it. However, as destiny would have it, the actress when on to create history with her character of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games.

Featuring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner among others in pivotal roles, Twilight was also the only film to have the highest opening day collections for a film by a female director.

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