Southpaw starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams and Forest Whitaker in key roles is all set to release in India on 31st July 2015. The film revolves around the life of Billy Hope a pugilist who has everything perfect right from his family to his career but one tragedy is about to ruin everything.

The inspiring tale is about his resurrection to the top. The film has received massive responses in the west. As we await for the film’s review, here is a quick look at things you just cannot miss Southpaw for.

Power-packed Transformation Of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Boy Band Looks To Brawny Hope

still from movie 'Southpaw'
still from movie ‘Southpaw’

It is always tough to shed the classic Chocolate boy image. Even though Jake Gyllenhaal in the past has acted in films like Prince Of Persia and Broke Back Mountain where he made everyone take notice of his acting, the actor’s boyish looks have always been popular among the girls. Shedding his boy band look and looking absolutely dashing with his brawny physique and a power-packed performance, the actor’s role in Southpaw as the pugilist is a stirring one. Gyllenhaal as Billy Hope truly enthralls us!

Oona Laurence’s Emotioally Striking Performance

still from movie 'Southpaw'
still from movie ‘Southpaw’

Oona Laurence delivers a heart-warming performance in the film. Essaying the role of Leila, Billy Hope’s daughter, she succeeds in bringing you to tears with her genuine act. After taking over the Broadway by storm with her Matlida musical, Oona owns the role of Leila in Southpaw.

Rumored Couple Rachel McAdams & Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mesmerizing Chemistry

'Southpaw' Movie Poster
‘Southpaw’ Movie Poster

Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal have been raising eyebrows for quite some time now with their flirtatious behavior. There have been speculations about their alleged relationship for months and well, after watching Southpaw, we have to say there is something brewing. The duo share a mesmerizing chemistry on-screen!

Eminem’s Truly Phenomenal Track ‘Phenomenal’

Southpaw received majority of its popularity thanks to the fact that Eminem was curating a soundtrack for the film. The rap god’s songs ‘Kings Never Die’ with Gwen Steffani and solo ‘Phenomenal’ shot to fame immidaitely after its release.

Hear One Of The Last Works Of Legendary Composer James Horner

We lost an eminent composer like James Horner early this year but he certainly left his works for us to cherish. In a film like Southpaw, the music played a crucial role and Horner’s Cry For Love is one of his last works that would always remain in our hearts.

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