Blur Review! Here's A Home-Grown Brand That Offers A Wide Range Of Makeup Products On A Budget, Check Out
Blur Review! Here’s A Home-Grown Brand That Offers A Wide Range Of Makeup Products On A Budget ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Makeup has the power to not only transform you but also boost your confidence. And we all have our favourite products when it comes to makeup, isn’t it? For me it would be lipstick. I love how your lips can just add the right kind of glam to the entire look and tada, you’re now party ready. Today, I’m going to talk about a brand which is making a buzz on social media for all the right reasons and well, they have amazing makeup products from lipstick to lip glosses to eye liners. Scroll below to read my take on Blur India.

And I wouldn’t lie but I’m in love with all the products. The brand shares a beautiful message on body positivity and gender fluidity and what more a consumer can ask, right? From the texture to the packaging to the colour range, I’m going gaga over the quality and wide range of products that Blur India has to offer.

Blur India offers a huge range of lip products which are subdivided into Liquid lipsticks, Bullet Lipstick which they fondly call Blurstick and Lip Glosses. Let’s talk about it in detail below:

Liquid Lipstick:

Okay, not to lie but I was totally sold when I read the name of the lipsticks. It’s called ‘Call Me Daddy’. Haha! I mean, full marks to the creative team for coming up with such a catchy name for their lip shades.

The Blur liquid lipstick comes in Nude Brown, Nude Pink and Nude Beige. All the three colours are highly pigmented and glide like butter on the lips. The product is priced at Rs 799 but is currently available at Rs 599 under sale.


Their bullet lipstick has my heart. It’s a multi-use lipstick with which you can help you create looks with contouring, you can also use it as an eye-shadow and a lipstick of course. It comes in 4 shades – Nude Brown (Control Yourself, Sweetie), Red (Put Me On Your Lips… Not Your Lying Ex), Brown Rose (Ladies And Gentlemen.. Me!) and Nude Pink (I’m Sorry, Are You Vodka ?) and leaves a pretty hue on the face as you use it as a contour stick or an eye-shadow. Also extra marks to the creative team again for these kick-a** naming of the lipsticks. Haha!

The product is priced at Rs 899 but is on sale at Rs 599. So why wait, grab yours today!

Lip Gloss:

The Lip Gloss has an amazing formulation and will make you look like a glazed donut upon the application. It comes in three shades – Bubblegum Pink, Cherry Red and Soft Brown and the entire range is titled – Dude Dont Touch My Gloss. These three shades are enough for you to blend in with your favourite lipstick or lip-liner and you’re ready to slay.

The product is priced at Rs 799 but you can get it at Rs 499 under sale on their official website.

Blur India also have eye makeup products including their newly launched colourful eye-liners, mascara and kajal.

This Indian brand has my heart and I would recommend you to try their products right now.

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