Jennifer Lopez’s The Boy Next Door Co-Star Ryan Guzman Once Spoke About Wearing A ‘D*ck Tie’ To Film S*x Scenes: “It Kind Of Holds On To Your Man Parts”
Jennifer Lopez’s The Boy Next Door Co-Star Ryan Guzman Once Spoke About Wearing A ‘D*ck Tie’ To Film S*x Scenes In The Box Next Door(Photo Credit–Still From The Boy Next Door)

Jennifer Lopez, who tied the marital knot with Ben Affleck earlier this month, is one hot and s*xy lady – and there is no denying that fact. The actress has starred in a number of films, and quite a few of them featured some extremely steamy scenes – and today we are talking about one such film. In today’s throwback piece, we take you to 2015 when Ryan Guzman got candid about filming an intimate scene with Lopez.

Directed by Rob Cohen, the film followed Claire (Lopez) – a woman who feels unsure of herself after a divorce and her having a one-night stand with her high school student Noah Sandborn (Ryan). What was supposed to be a one-time thing, develops into Noah having a dangerous obsession with her. Read on to know what the actor had to do in order to make the scene seem realistic and also avoid any ‘accidents’ (wink!).

During a 2015 conversation with Cosmopolitan, Ryan Guzman broke down his extremely hot s*x scene with Jennifer Lopez in The Boy Next Door. While talking about filming the said s*x scene, Ryan revealed that in order to make it look realistic, they were both wearing very little clothing. The actor told the publication that he had to wear something like a sock and a ‘d*ck tie’ around his nether regions so he wouldn’t have an ‘accident’ while interacting with Lopez.

Talking about his and Jennifer Lopez’s intimate scenes in The Boy Next Door, Ryan Guzman said, “You definitely see a lot in that intimate scene, for sure. We’re still doing a lot. But that’s the beauty of that scene: You’re not seeing n*pples or g*nitalia or anything like that. But you’re seeing the sensual aspects of s*x and love-making. And you see me obviously go down on her, you see my hands go everywhere on her body, and you see her hands go on my body. There’s so much intimacy and so much sensuality in that particular scene that you can’t not get affected.”

Talking about his clothing choice for the scene, Ryan Guzman revealed wearing a sock and something he calls a “d*ck tie” over his private part. Explaining it in detail, he said, “It’s this elastic thing on this sock where you make it as tight as you can so that you get no blood flow or anything going on, and it kind of holds on to your man parts so the sock isn’t, you know, pulled off during the scene.”

Well, seeing how hot Jennifer Lopez is, we know why Ryan Guzman needed the d*ck tie.

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