With the ongoing battle between Eros International and the CCCA, will ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ not release next week?

Of course not! It will release next week, as scheduled. There will be a middle path which the CCCA and Eros will arrive at. You can’t expect a film’s release to be cancelled because of distributors’ claims which are far far less than the cost of the new film!

With ‘Dabangg’ having succeeded the way it has, what should Abhinav Kashyap’s price as director be?

One leading producer has already offered him Rs. 10 crore for a film! And the offer was made before Dabangg was released. The offer was probably based on the pre-release euphoria the film had generated!

I have made a film for Rs.1 crore, obviously, without stars. How do I release this film?

Very unlikely that you will get distributors for it. If you don’t have money for promotion, it is also unlikely that you will get playing time in cinemas. Probably, you can try releasing it directly on a satellite channel – that is, if you are lucky to find some channel which would care to telecast an unreleased film. Channels don’t generally go for such films because they have to spend heavily on promotion.

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