Why do trade people dismiss off even successful and hit films as flops by saying that shows in multiplexes are barely 15-20% full when the fact is that it is so because of excessive number of shows in every multiplex in the first week?

Many of the trade people are mentally still in the ’seventies and ’eighties when films used to be released in a limited number of cinemas, and each cinema used to conduct only four shows daily. A house-full board at that time was necessary but today, with so many multiplexes on the one hand and upto 20/25 shows every day in a multiplex, it is futile to talk about some shows recording just 15-20% collections. What ultimately matters is the total revenue from each multiplex, not show-wise collections.

Why did ‘Peepli Live’ get an ‘A’ certificate?

It is because of the four-letter words used in the dialogues mouthed by the main actors. Producer Aamir Khan and debutante director Anusha Rizvi felt, the swear words were very integral to the story and so, they accepted the ‘A’ certificate offered by the CBFC rather than deleting the foul language from the dialogues.

By Komal Nahta



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