Pessimists, Optimists, Loyalists Have Their Say

Ra.One Movie PosterAs the release of Ra.One draws closer, guesses are being hazarded about what the opening day, opening (5-day) weekend and opening (9-day) week’s figures of arguably the most eagerly awaited film of the year would be. Pessimists put the figures at Rs. 12 crore, Rs. 70 crore and Rs. 95 crore respectively while optimists opine that the net collections of Ra.One would be Rs. 18 crore, Rs. 85 crore and Rs. 110 crore respectively. There is one section of the trade which can be termed the loyalists of Shah Rukh Khan. They are of the firm belief that the opening day’s all-India collection would be Rs. 22-23 crore, the five-day weekend’s collection would be Rs. 95 crore and the nine-day week’s net would be Rs. 115-117 crore.

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