The Dirty Picture has opened to very good houses all over
The Dirty Picture has opened to very good houses all over.

The Vidya Balan starrer The Dirty Picture has opened to houses ranging from good to extraordinary. Considering the star cast of the film, the opening would be considered outstanding. The film is doing superbly well in single screen cinemas.

In Jaipur, collections in the morning shows were superb. At EP multiplex in the pink city, the film opened to full houses in two screens. “There was no provision for screening the film in the third auditorium,” said owner Rajprakash Bansal, adding, “Had we been able to open it in the third screen, it would have definitely drawn a full house there too!”

In multiplexes of Ghaziabad, the morning shows were mostly housefull.

In Gujarat too, the Rajhans Group of cinemas recorded 80 – 100 per cent collections.

The Dirty Picture: Ahmedabad Box-Office

In Ahmedabad, the occupancy in the first show (9 a.m.) at PVR multiplex was 95 persons; in the 9.30 a.m. show it was 113 persons. The 10 a.m. show of The Dirty Picture at the multiplex saw 112 people in attendance. At City Gold multiplex, Ahmedabad, the 9 a.m. show was housefull (305 persons); while the 9.30 a.m. show saw an attendance of 254 persons. At Shiv Cinemax, Ahmedabad, the 9 a.m. show had 220 persons in attendance, while the 10.30 a.m. show saw 241 footfalls. At Cinemax S.G. Road, Ahmedabad, the 9 a.m. show had 64 persons, while the 10.30 a.m. show had 93 people in attendance. At Wide Angle multiplex, Ahmedabad, 8.30 show had 431 persons, while the 9.30 am show saw 508 persons.

The Dirty Picture: Nagpur Box-Office

In Nagpur, shows of The Dirty Picture saw an overwhelming response, especially in the single screen cinemas. At Cinemax multiplex, the first three shows of the film saw collections of Rs. 20,922, Rs. 23,105 and Rs. 31,961 respectively. At Inox Poonam, Nagpur, the collections of the first three shows were Rs. 17,021, Rs. 14,164 and Rs. 20,428 respectively. At Inox Jaswant, Nagpur, the collections of the first three shows of The Dirty Picture were Rs. 5,521, Rs. 11,700 and Rs. 16,164. At the single screen cinemas, at many places the first shows were housefull. At Liberty cinema, the collections was Rs. 43,904 (housefull); at Alankar cinema the collection was Rs. 23,985 (housefull); at Janki cinema the collection was Rs. 16,959 (housefull). Jaishree cinema, Nagpur, also saw a full house with a collection of Rs. 20,968. Rajvilas cinema in Nagpur collected Rs. 11,800.

The Dirty Picture: Jabalpur Box-Office

In Jabalpur, The Dirty Picture opened at Movie Magic cinema (first show: Rs. 15,145, second show: Rs. 10,021, third show: Rs. 16,470). At Samdareeya Era cinema the film collected Rs. 18,411 in the first show, Rs. 13,732 in the second show and Rs. 27,746 in the third show.

Contest: How Much Will The Dirty Picture Make On Opening Weekend?

How much do you think will Vidya Balan’s The Dirty Picture net over its first weekend at the box-office?

Guess the right number and stand to win exciting prizes from! Leave your estimates in the comments section below. (Note: Your answer/s should be the figure (in rupees) for the all-India net collection.)

Update: Vishal Singh is the winner! Congrats Vishal & keep being filmy!

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  1. its all due to EMRAAN HASHMI…if people said dat its bcz of vidya den it mst b a joke….Emmi rox all da way even mentions dat its all due to presence of Emraan Hashmi…vidya jst opens around 3 crore(no one killed jesica)..emmi roxx

  2. We all know people like to watch porn, and now thanks to Vidya & censor board they are able to watch it on big screen, of course soft-core porn.

  3. i av seen d film and its all about vidya balan… the reson fr d strong opening may nt b vidya balan alone bt she deserves full credit fr hr awesome performance

  4. dirty picture will fetch collections going up to 27.5 crore in its first weekend keeping in mind the excellent opening and buzz around the movie

  5. i saw d film was osm..ttly lykd it..vidya rocks..hmm..dis movie wil do a week end col. Of range btwn..27-30 cr…

  6. it…vidya realy rocks…oo la la…makes houseful la la…nd yeah…public got entrtinmnt entrainmnt entertainmnt..nd dirty vidya is entertainmnt…d mvie surely goin to clct a weeknd clctn of 35 cr…

  7. Don’t agree that movies succeed 2day at the BO because of stars or story. Its porn and nudity. Veena is no trying to ape Vidya, as far as (non)dressing is concerned. Obviously botox, plastic works!!



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