Tumhari Sulu has been proving to be a journey to remember for Vidya Balan. A standalone movie targeting the family audience has been successfully achieving its target at the box office.


Tumhari Sulu has entered its 3rd week at the box office and is been holding strong amidst the flood of new releases. The movie is just an edge away from touching the 30 crore mark. It has collected 52 lacs on its 3rd Friday taking its grand total to 29.79 crores.

Tumhari Sulu Is All Set To Touch The 30 Crore Mark At The Box Office
Tumhari Sulu Is All Set To Touch The 30 Crore Mark At The Box Office

The movie’s controlled budget will help it to enter the profitable zone for the makers. It has not been a good phase for Vidya Balan since her last many films tanked at the box office – one after another. Tumhari Sulu has came as a sigh of relief for her as many has declared this film to be her one of the best works.


The good thing about the film is it has been accepted well by people rather than disowned like many other films. The movie consist of some brilliant middle class family connection and Vidya recently talked about the same, “This film’s story is also of a middle class family and India primarily consists of middle class families. My character in the film doesn’t judge anyone and not herself as well.”

Vidya, even before the film released, was sure that her character will be relatable to every middle class woman who has never worked outside before.

She added, “She has just one thing that if I am getting an opportunity to work, then I will work because she hasn’t worked in life so, it’s a very connecting story in that aspect because everyone has their dreams and aspirations.”

“And when you watch a film like this where a woman who has no past experience of becoming an RJ (Radio Jockey) achieves her goal, then people would also think that if she can do it, why not us,” said the Parineeta actress.




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