Though it was never really on the cards, one just hoped against hope that lack of any other big Hindi release would keep audience interest sustained in Tubelight at the start of the second weekend. However, the word of mouth around the film has been so poor that there was no turnaround whatsoever. Read on to know if Tubelight is hit or flop.


More than the film being rejected for its content, it has been a complete dismissal on the part of audiences that has resulted in such steep downfall.

Box Office - Tubelight turns out to be a huge flop, no betterment in Week Two
Box Office – Tubelight turns out to be a huge flop, no betterment in Week Two

As has been seen in the recent times, especially during last six odd months, it’s not just the smallest but even the biggest of the films that are not even getting a chance at the Box Office if the word of mouth is bad on the first day itself. Once that happens, it is not as much as those limited audiences who have seen the film that spread the word around its content but even those who haven’t even watched it and still begin to show complete disinterest. That is killing many movies.

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This is what’s happening in case of Tubelight too that had its second Friday as a meager 2.50 crores*. Whether it is hardcore fans of Salman Khan or just the ‘aam junta’, there seems to have been a decision taken by one and all that Tubelight isn’t a film they want to invest their time and money. That has resulted in such an aberration for Salman Khan and a biggie of his that just 109.36 crore* have been collected so far.

A major flop!

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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  1. itni jaldi kya hai bhaiyon isko flop qarar dene ki..abhi life time tak to jane do. akshay kumar ki ek film ayi thi entertainment usne 70/75 crore kiye the .usko to plus qarar dia tha …hadd hai kya akshay the superstar ki film 40 crore me ban jati hai…totally biased by koimoi. i m grt admirer of u koimou but hv patience …u do normally * till lifetime run but his time u tell its flop on on 8th day…grt …..

    • hussain film ki safalta roi yani return of investment se aata hai tubelight ke rights 135 crore main india main laagat nikalne ke liye kam se kam 250 crore chahiye akshay ki film jolly llb ka budget tha 70 per distributer ko film padi 40 crore ki kyunki producer ne satalute music digital se 70 ke kareeb nikal liye baaki kamai profit

    • jab koi badi film 2nd friday ko sirf 3 crore kamaye to samajh jana lifetime aa gya h, 15-20 crore more and then it’s all over for tubelight.

  2. kabhi salman ko akshay bhi samajh lia karo market value k hisab se. kya 200 crore ka theka sirf salman ne liya hai. agar akshay ki film 8 din me 110 crore ka business karti to uski film ko hit qarar dia jata…senseless….

  3. In an article which was published on on 30th June, 2017, it had mentioned the following:

    However, all said and done, in terms of the theatrical business, the film is not a flop.

    So how come they are terming it as a major flop today. Koimoi please mind your words.

    The Budget for Tubelight including P&A is 100 crores and for it to enter safe zone it had to earn 100 crores in Theatres which it has eventually done after 6 days.

    So you cant call it a flop movie.


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