Thor: Ragnarok, labeled as one of the best superhero movies ever made has taken an excellent start at the Indian box office. The movie has been amassing extremely positive word of mouth since the day it has released.


Thor: Ragnarok has collected 7.73 crores on its day 1 at the Indian box office. After Fate Of The Furious’ grand opening of 11.25 crores at the Indian box office, Thor: Ragnarok has achieved the 2nd best opening for a Hollywood movie.

Starring Australian actor Chris Hemsworth and acclaimed star Mark Ruffalo, Thor: Ragnarok released in India on November 3. The cast members were in Sydney recently for the movie’s premiere.

Thor: Ragnarok India Box Office: Scores One Of The Best Opening Days For A Hollywood Movie
Thor: Ragnarok India Box Office: One Of The Best Opening Days For A Hollywood Movie

Asked if there was a conscious effort to put humour in the super-hero film, Waititi said at a round table conference: “Yup. There was a conscious effort to put every colour known to man and every weird piece of music… Just wanted to make this movie into a big lovable, funny fist and then punch the audience straight in the face.”

This is Waititi’s first major Hollywood feature film. He has in the past directed films in his native New Zealand.

What made him direct a super-hero entertainer?

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“I think it was exactly that I had never done it before, because then you guarantee that it’s going to be unique,” Waititi said.

What about the pressure to direct a film for such a popular franchise?

“Sort of, but I came into the film by mistake… So, I didn’t really feel like this is my job. I feel like I’m just going to keep doing the most risky things I can because I want to play with fire and I want to see how close I can get to destroying my career because that’s when the magic happens… This one was really fun to do but I was challenged all the time,” Waititi replied to a question by IANS.




  1. Thor Ragnarok was a very nice film. Hulk was fighting with Thor. Chris Hemsworth looks alike superstar of bollywood akshay kumar. Superstar akshay kumar is doing both roles of PADMAN and CROWMAN> What a co-incidence#


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