In spite of being a good satire, Shyam Benegal’s Well Done Abba just couldn’t get the audiences into the cinemas. Satires are not every Indian’s idea of entertainment. Therefore, not only did the Boman Irani starrer take a lukewarm start but it also failed to pick up as the week progressed. Looking to the poor collections, it is a certainty that the Reliance Big film will entail losses to the corporate notwithstanding the fact that it was made for peanuts.

Arshad Warsi’s brush with film production may haunt him like a ghost for the rest of his life. For, his first venture, Hum Tum Aur Ghost, failed to make any mark with kids as well as adults. The story about benign ghosts, of course, was never expected to scare the audience or give them thrills and chills, but it didn’t even entertain, which it was expected to do. Studio 18, which backed the project, will lose a fortune (read Rs. 15 crore) while Warsi will lose face. Rightly is it said, film production is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Karan Razdan’s Mittal V/s Mittal was destined to flop like the marriage of the protagonists in the film. Obviously, you can’t make a film with Rohit Roy in the male lead and expect the audience to come in. Rohit can be seen free on the TV screen, why would people so willingly pay money to watch him in the theatres? The only solace is that this double Mittal film didn’t cost a bomb to make. Small investment, small losses.

PVR’s Prem Kaa Game did not find any prem from the public. Again, a small-budget film but a poor show, nevertheless. Total loss.

None of the running films are also doing any great business at the ticket windows. The box-office is bleeding!

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