The prediction came pretty much true as Talaash opened to an average of 60% collections. It was always on the cards that majority of moolah would come from the multiplexes while single screens, especially in smaller centres, wouldn’t be as high. This was pretty much the case as there was wide disparity in occupancy depending upon centres and kind of theatres. At high end multiplexes the film was faring very well while interiors didn’t quite tell the same story.

Nevertheless, in the process the film ended up garnering around 48 crores in the opening weekend which is good, especially considering the fact it isn’t a quintessential commercial entertainer in the offering. In fact it was mentioned in this very column last week that the film won’t be breaking any First Day, week or lifetime records. One can safely presume that this wasn’t the endeavour of makers either when they were set out to make the film.

Talaash and 3 Idiots Movie Poster
Talaash and 3 Idiots Movie Poster

However one record that has indeed been broken is Aamir Khan’s own. The film now has enjoyed a much better weekend when compared to 3 Idiots, which had fetched 40 crores back then in 2009. However one thing that differentiates the two films is that while the Rajkumar Hirani stayed stable enough to accumulate 79 crores in it’s first week, one can’t see Reema Kagti’s Talaash coming close to that mark in seven days flat.

The next obvious question is that will the film turn out to be yet another flick to enter the 100 crore club. Well, since audience word of mouth as well as critical appreciation is mixed (it ranges from average to good), universal acceptance is ruled out which also translates into the fact that a real big total is far away. Yes, Talaash should comfortably cross the 90 crore mark and may just scrape though the 100 crores milestone as well. However Ghajini record of 115 crores is safe. At single screens especially (where it is anyways on the lower side), it would face huge competition from Khiladi 786 which is red hot currently.

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