“If you lie you die….” wondering what Table No. 21 lied with! The movie failed to show a great opening across the country, multiplexes and single screens performing alike. With some footfall coming in for late evening shows the movie managed to gross 1.5 Crores on its Day 1 at the domestic box office. From the looks of the movie it seemed that the makers have tried to make an out an out commercial “masala” flick. Thus 1.5 Crores is not something we were expecting from the Rajeev Khandelwal starrer.

Tena Desae And Rajeev Khandelwal Table No. 21 Movie Stills
Tena Desae And Rajeev Khandelwal Table No. 21 Movie Stills

The fact remains that Dabangg 2 in its 3rd week scored better than Table No. 21 did on its opening day. The movie will need to show some huge turnaround during Saturday and Sunday if it wants to put up some decent numbers on the charts and not get lost in oblivion.

The other releases this week, i.e. Rajdhani Express and Dehraadun Diary failed to woo any audiences or critics and thus couldn’t score at the box office.

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  1. Another10 years Bolywood will finish people like Dabang,reay,son of sardar khladi 786,there no story and no acting.When good movie comes its fail.To me this is disaster of bolywood.

  2. ragging is the most happening crime in india and nepal .Plz support and help to stop it in the schools and colleges coz i have also suffered a lot from ragging

  3. This is a bad film. It had potential but failed . It shows the ill effects of ragging. Ie paresh rawal showing his son to rajeev khandelwal. Whats the point in showing it to these people who indulge in ragging. You are trying to appeal to their humanity ? cant appeal to something which does not exist. Are sahab agar koi darinda zulm karta hai to tum use saza doge ya uski darindgi ka footage use dikhayoge taake voh rakshas ki tarah hase aur zaada zulm kare


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