Box Office - Spider-Man: No Way Home is decent on Tuesday, set to go past 190 crores this week
Box Office – Spider-Man: No Way Home is decent on Tuesday, set to go past 190 crores this week(Pic Credit: Spider-Man: No Way Home Poster)

While there was a dip in numbers for Spider-Man: No Way Home on Monday (4.45 crores) when compared to Friday (6.75 crores), there was further dip in collections on Tuesday with 3.65 crores coming in. While these are decent collections indeed, frankly one was expecting a lot more. Of course, the count of screens went down for the film during the second week due to the arrival of ‘83. However, still it isn’t as if the film is playing at 100% occupancy at the screens where it’s on.



Nonetheless, the film has now crossed the 180 crores mark and currently stands at 183.02 crores. Going by the trending so far, it should cross 190 crores on the coming Friday. However for that it shouldn’t take any major fall today or tomorrow, which most likely shouldn’t be the case as the holiday season is about to begin. On the other hand one has to also insider the fact that Delhi theatres are shut again, which means yet again there would be a major pinch felt since the Marvel film was doing quite the well, especially at the premier multiplexes there.

Spider-Man: No Way Home has done its job though and is a blockbuster. All that those who invested in it must be waiting for now is to see the film go past the 200 crores milestone so that they can kickstart the celebrations.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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