John Abraham, Anil Kapoor starer Shootout At Wadala continued to perform well at the domestic box office. Adding the 2nd Friday Collections of 2.02 crores to its cumulative, the film’s domestic earnings now rest at a total of 47.82 crores. The film has managed its hold over single screens strongly especially, the U.P and Punjab circuit.

John Abraham in Shootout At Wadala Movie Stills
John Abraham in Shootout At Wadala Movie Stills

The film was lauded for John’s most flawless performance till date, along with being a step ahead of the last Shootout edition.


Producer Ekta Kapoor’s last film co-produced by Vishal Bharadwaj failed to sustain anything substantial at the box office. Finally this venture has given Kapoor some confidence and help her build the proper publicity design for her crucial Eid release Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Again which is set to clash with Rohit Shetty’s SRK starer Chennai Express.




  1. Shootout at Wadala is a brilliant film.It is John Abraham’s best film to date and he has risen to great heights with this performance and all the critics are praising him. John Abraham has an author backed role as India’s first hindu gangster Manya Surve. The innocence of the gangsters college days, to the intense looks and the simmering anger in his gangster eyes, to the raw sexuality and brutal lovemaking is what you can expect of a gangster. An award winning performance by John. And this is Sanjay Gupta’s best direction. In the past he used to copy Hollywood movies and lot of people abused him for that. But now he has made this movie on author S Hussain Zaidi’s Dongri to Dubai-6 decades of the Mumbai mafia and he has ome out a winner.He is stylish without compromising on the content of the story. So in one word …Fantastic. One of the best movies on the underworld.

    In Shootout at Wadala John Abraham is playing the role of Manya Surve who becomes an underworld gangster. If you or any one says that he did not act well then you guys do not know anything of acting at all. You will also then say Amitabh in Deewar, Sunny in Arjun, Nana Pateker in Ankush and Manoj Bajpayee in Satya are all bad actors. After a long time we are seeing an actor in such an intense role and John has played Manya to perfection. John Abraham plays the part with a lot of gusto. What a splendid performance by the actor. Abraham breathes life into the role. From the innocence of his college days to the smoldering look in the eyes of a cold killer , to the raw sexuality of a gangester and his wild lovemaking everthing about him was perfect. And Manya Surve had become a ruthless killer and his lovemaking would be anything but namby-pamby. His lovemaking will be wild and unique. And whether he does push-ups, or anyone else does squats when they are making love… it is entirely up to you… how you do it. Lovemaking is like shitting…some sit on the commode to do it and some squat to do it, everyone has their own style. But with Manya Surve one thing can be sure is that he would not have been delicate, cultured lover,,,but wild possessive, passionate,carnal ,creature…totally in love with his mate. Some people had a problem with the bad language in the movie. That is so stupid. This is an Adults movie and most people use bad language, ….and this was a gangster movie, so tell me which gangster will talk with thehzeeb and politeness. You say Sanjay Gupta should learn from hollywood cinema…. by the way Gupta in the past used to make Hollywood copies and he was abused by a lot of critics and people like you. But this time all credit to him he has made a movie on the book Dongri to Dubai-6 by S Hussain Zaidi’s and he has come out a winner. This movie is excellent.

  2. John Abraham’s acting is excellent i have seen his previous movies also …but in this he acted very well script is very well and same is directed by very well

    Good Luck for John Abraham for his career


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