Shamitabh dipped through the second weekend. The film collected 30 lacs on its second Friday, 55 lacs on Saturday, 50 lacs on Sunday and 10 lacs on its second Monday. The film now stands with a total collection of 20.45 crores at the domestic box office.

Dhanush in a still from movie 'Shamitabh'
Dhanush in a still from movie ‘Shamitabh’


The film starring Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush in lead roles received mixed reviews from the critics. It started off decently but could not maintain the same pace in its first week and dipped on the second weekend. With the release of Roy, the film’s collections were affected even more.

Shamitabh was made on a budget of approximately 35 -40 crores and thus the film has proved to be a disaster at the box office.

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    • Mr Uk stop making statements like a uneducated person.Who are you to comment on dhanush?.First have the guts to comment using your full name.Shamitabh was a much better movie than some of the recent movies from tamil and hindi film industry.I would give it a solid 3.5/5.It’s just that people these days like the usual type masala film with two action scene etc.I agree this film is not the best but much better than all those usual films that get released every weak.If instead of dhanush some other actor who is the son of some famous hero of bollywood acts al of you people will see and rate this movie 4.5/5.Don’t see the actors in the film see the characters.

  1. It’s luke warm reception is because of the silly name. Films should have the titles that drive curiosity in one, Shamitabh if any was offputting title. If it was something like Awaz our Andaaz – that would have elicited some curiosity and also defines the film just fine. My opinion.


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