Over the last two days, since the release of Ra.One, we have received thousands of comments, Tweets and Facebook reactions on the Ra.One versus Bodyguard issue. Thank you for the same. But the question is has Ra.One really broken the record/s set by Bodyguard? Or has it not? Even as figures for the third day are coming in, one really has to put this issue in perspective.

There is no denying that Bodyguard was a blockbuster. But there is also no denying that Ra.One has gotten off to a wonderful start and it is expected to do solid business in the next few days. So how do we solve the conundrum, all the figures and Eid/Diwali comparisons notwithstanding?

Below is a comment from one of our readers, Hardik, who seems to be offering an answer to the issue at hand. Take it or leave it, but you can’t deny the logic. Following the comment are a few links of Koimoi.com’s extensive coverage of Ra.One box-office so far. Hope this will put to rest the Ra.One Vs Bodyguard debate.

You can obviously share your feedback in the comments section below:

Hardik’s comment:

Nobody stopped bodyguard for releasing it in 1000 more screens. Also nobody stopped bodyguard for screening in 3d. In the last it is only money which counts.

Bodyguard collected 39 cr in 2 days while ra.one collected 43 crore. Both films are blockbuster but ra.one just outpassed bodyguard by 4 cr.

Also the verdict of audience is out. Ra.one received many negative reviews from critics on day 1 but still ra.one’s 2nd day collection increased by 8 crores.

Internationally, ra.one collected 7 crores on day 1 while bodyguard collected 2 crores on day 1. On 2nd day ra.one is expected to collect about 8 crores while bodyguard’s 2nd day collection internationally was only 2 crores.

Thus summing up all
Ra.one (first day – india + international) – 25 cr
Bodyguard (first day – india + international) – 23 cr

Ra.one(second day – india + international) – 32-33 cr (25 +7/8)
bodyguard (second day – india + international) – 21 cr (19 +2)

Bodyguards 3rd day collection was 14 cr in india + 2 cr internationally. Ra.one is expected to collect 20 cr+ in india only on 3rd day.

so ra.one wins in all record expect 1 : india only opening day record : bodyguard 21 cr – ra.one 18 cr
Also ra.one is the 1st film to cross 25 cr 1 day mark.

Link to original post: http://www.koimoi.com/box-office/ra-one-final-2-day-box-office-score-rs-43-crore/

Ra.One Movie Stills
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  1. bodyguard got openings do one denies that.
    but,just observe the hatred and negative wom is spread all over .srk has come out of it and proved that his star power is unquestionable.

    mostly negative reviews from major sites,news channels have affected the urban movie going audience.but slowly dark lcoud passing away.

    sat,sun will show the huge biz.overseas will be monstrous as the cinegoers there will start walking into theatres in weekend.

  2. Why are people making this a X vs. Y debate. The Indian film industry is struggling most of the time. Every bout of success should be celebrated and various stars should help each other out in promotions as there is a lot of scope for increasing the size of the box office pie if movies are promoted well instead of running them down only for the reason of star rivalaries

  3. What hardik said is absolutely true! Nobody stopped bodyguard to release with more prints & inflated prices. RA.ONE ticket prices r higher becoz audiences can pay such amt. To see srk onscreen. His fans love him so much.

    • ok mr. Shekar tht mean price increase karne se garib log itne costly ticket purchase kar sakte hain. u r very sucks man abt ur thinking. SR Gay who is Very Selfish Person always see his profit to promoters, Distributors always for making large money his always intension to beating salmaan mvies bt nw it past… nw since 4-5 year powerfully rulling by Salman Khan..Bodyguard Also Can ma sure also bt he never try to get more higher thn SR Gay always Showoff….

    • beta shekar 1st u have go check ur filmy gyan also ok u r right tht nobody stop salman to release more print bcz of 1sst thing is ..He is nt hungry like selfish SR Gay Khan ok .. 2nd is His stardom always better then Shahrukh, now shahrukh knw this fact also tht he had never be a king of bollywood tht y he’s increasing & decreasing mvoie budget, then tcket price then recovery if money bt fact is tht his fil struggling to reach salman’s & Amir Movie collection records..Salman is always most talented actor of bollywood as he always shown for himself.Salman is a real Mega Star of bollywood..& shahkuch always same expression nothing to do more in acting… aakkkkk chiiiiiii hhahahahaha

  4. Your figures of Rs 2 cr overseas day one Bodyguard are wrong dude.. Bodyguard grossed more in the UK, US, and UAE on wed as compared to Ra.One so validate your figures first..

  5. First of all I think it is unfair to compare the movies as they are totally different in every aspect but as far as the Records are concerned they are facts we cant debate much on this. And the fact is that Bodyguard has the record for the opening and and Ra.One has the highest on any day in India.However if we consider overseas then Ra.One is way ahead.For the weekend and the lifetime records we have to wait for sometime to know the result.

    But if someone debate that there are more number of screens or more publicity for Ra.One, then I don’t see it as a valid point as there is no output without input. Increasing the number of screens or making 3D print does not come for free of cost and same goes for the publicity. Bodyguard also release with 2700 prints for the first time in Bollywood and made the record, so its pointless to argue on this.

    We should appreciate the efforts and enjoy the movies and let the numbers say the facts/Records.

    • abe Ghatiya insaan dheeraj 1st u have also go to check ur mind & filmy gyan also ok 1st thing is ..He is nt hungry like selfish SR Gay Khan ok .. 2nd is His stardom always better then Shahrukh, now shahrukh knw this fact also tht he had never be a king of bollywood tht y he’s increasing & decreasing mvoie budget, then tcket price then recovery if money bt fact is tht his fil struggling to reach salman’s & Amir Movie collection records..Salman is always most talented actor of bollywood as he always shown for himself.Salman is a real Mega Star of bollywood..& shahkuch always same expression nothing to do more ..beta apna gyan bada chamcha giri chhod bhuddhe ki oh sry SR Gay Khan ki hahahahahahah

    • salman is always the best and he will be srk cant compete with salman khan .srk does not know how to act as well ic u9pb g

  6. I don’t know how ans why who got and booked their ticket are not watching ra one or SRK and his team booked ticket for them self to just surpass and break Bodyguards business. Housefull boards outside and 60% to 65% occupancy inside cinema hall is unthinkable. If srk spending money to make ra 1 housefull it is good for him. He has lost everything to Salman, his fan following, stardom, by doing this he can avoid humiliation.

    • Deepak first try to be coherent. Btw if got such a big scoop, please contact the media with enough evidence… I am sure that it will make a great story. The fact remains that Ra. One despite all the panning has done well. SRK ROCKED, and will Always ROCK!!!

  7. Raone has all the right to release in as many screens nd in as many languages,same for BODYGUARD.But we all know that bodyguard was not at all a superhero movie,with no VFX,which was not at all needed for it..we should knw that when bodyguard got released the screens it was released with was highest 2600 screens in india nd 400 screens in overseas.so as the days passes away the business in films increases..firstly 3idiots made record than dabangg came it broke the record of 3I than Bodyguard broke the record of dabangg,..so day by day the number of screens released are going on increasing…..but as compare to screen bodyguard with just 2600 screens collected 22 crores…nd raone with 3200 screens collected just 14.5 cr on first day…screens mattes a lot..,but don’t forget
    EK THA TIGER is coming

    • I wonder where this logic was when it was explained in koimoi explained Diwali to be the dullest and id to be the brightest for box office collections.. That matters more isnt it.. I wonder where this nlogic was 3 years back when Rabne despite being the first major movie and one of the least promoted movies of shahrukh after the mumbai attacks went on to become a super hit.. If you had replaced the release dates for Ghajini and Rabne, Rabne would have been a bigger hit.. Ghajini releasedf on christmas.. So dont give reasons cos going by these there are more to justify shahrukh as the undisputed box office king..

  8. komal ji its a good comment but we all know it is just these five day after that it is fold under 150 same as bodygurd
    In oversease it is also not perform as mnik and 3 idiots
    So after a huge investment there is deffintly a loss
    Your verdict in last 15 year always based on investment revenu system
    I am really exicted to read your final year report lets see are you changing your 15 year reputation for ra one

  9. Both r blockbuster…as ra.one get mixed review and bodygaurd also get negative reviews…..and ra.one 1st day colection low due to diwali pooja and it increase 7 cr on thrsday…so raone is winer and must watch movie…srk’s hard work seen on the screen…and finally result matter and the result gonna in favour of ra.one….acc. To komal nahta ji all big movie gets mixed review except ddlj and 3idiot…so ra.one rools box office

  10. No one can compare two movies…both r best…raone is best for some people and same with bodygaurd…but i praise srk for his step to take chance for ra.one….overall raone roxx.,…and it break all records of boxoffice…except 1st day record….

  11. those who r think ra one multiple language likehindi telugu tamil make more money
    why south people will see salman film all are copy out of 4 hit 3 is south remake ready,bodygaurd,wanted
    RA ONE will makes 100 cr worldwide in just 4 days
    shahrukh has enough fan in uk,usa, (worldwide) than other bollywood actor
    so RA ONE definitely mke money outside india n inside india also

  12. Everyone seems to overlook the fact that Bodyguard was made for about 60 crores while Ra1 was made @ around 150 crores, it is distributors who will finally suffer, forget abt the initial collections, what matters is the JUNTA verdict and distributor’s share. One thing is clear, SRK did everything possible for Ra1 yet FAILED miserably, “Jung ka usool hota hein, harne wala apne hathyar daal deta hein !!!!”

  13. ra one was released on 3200 screens because the makers were confident that all these screens will be able to garner good revenues. bodyguard did not for the simple reason that it knew its appeal lay in the smaller centres. you can’t just go ahead and release in as many screens as you want. people must want to screen it. even if hema malini wanted, tell me o khuda could not have been released in 3200 screens because some exhibitors would much rather screen rascals and mujhse fraandship than hema’s film (althpugh it may still be a good movie)

  14. SRK is the best….. Ra.One is one of the best movie i have ever seen.
    No comparison with bodyguard..
    Ra.one is too much ahead.

    Wait for another blockbuster bcoz


  15. so mr hardik.srk needs so much promo and so wide release across world .but for salman movies i think his name is enough ie.”SALMAN KHAN”.

  16. I consider that this debate not about cash collections, but about culture level. We were once again convinced that level of culture of fans of Salman is at cave level. So let they live in caves, and we will go to watch a film Ra.1 in 3D

  17. must we compare the two movies bodyguard and ra one? i think it’s not right. both were shown in diff. periods, diff in scope, theme, no. of screens, ticket prices etc.

    it’s right to compare if bodyguard and ra one were shown on the same day. add 3 idiots to the fray, that’s the time we will realize who really is the top khan among the 3.

    for now let’s be contented that 3 idiots is atbb, dabangg is atbb, bodyguard is atbb and ra one if it does well, will be a blockbuster too.

  18. its good if we talk about the content of the film…not the stars..as come to bodyguard and ra.one film…bodyguard having a good entertainment and good sentiments which a film needs..and in ra.one as shahrukh promised it is a father son sentiment story…bt as i seen i didnot get any emotions by seeing that movie…shahrukh acting is good bt anubhav’s direction lacks..bt film needs a team effort…nowadays box office collections are different than good movies…


  20. a real challenge and dare for the 3 khans – what if ek tha tiger, don 2, dhoom 3 be shown on the same day with equal no. of screens? any guess who will win ?

    that would be a thril if it happensl, but i know it will not happen.

  21. Also for the opening day collections,one must not forget that Diwali and Eid are quite different from each other,
    Most of the people were busy in the Diwali pooja on the first day,hence didn’t turn up for the movie on first day,,as did i..
    So the debate should be ended considering that both films are of completely different genres and also their audiences are very different as well..
    But i liked both the movies..

  22. raone will not match bodyguard its 1000times sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    not only media has panned the film but also the wom is also negative only after final collections raone verdict could be decided for now salman is the king of boxoffice that no one can change also from latest reports raone collection is only 38cr for two days

  23. I just wanna make one point, if the overall cost of the movie has been projected to be around 175Cr including P&A, do you think the overall profit will be bigger than bodyguard…
    Why em asking this is that the producers have already made huge profits by selling the rights here and there but it is the distributors normally who have to face the rough weathers and in this case also they are going to profit less that what they had made with bodyguard so for them films like bodyguard or any other for that matter are more safe preposition.

  24. ya iam from kerala were the original body gaurd malayalam version take birth …………………….
    salman khan with all respect not come any way near to the malayalm hero dileep in any scenes in the hindi version…..
    and remember dileep is a second fiddle hero in malayalam movies ………….

  25. my question is, who cares? bodyguard was bodyguard and ra.one is ra.one. Salman is Salman and Shahrukh is Shahrukh. Do we really need to constantly pit them against each other? It just encourages meanness and divisiveness. Or are we really so petty and small-minded as a culture? Why can’t we just celebrate that both these films have done phenomenal business for the Khans, for Bollywood for India?

    Stop the divisiveness people. It sinks us every single time.

  26. Let’s see the released … Ra.1 released on Diwali day which is considered a bigger day for movies than any other indian festival, whereas Bodyguard released on a Eid.

    the day after Ra1 was released was a holiday in India, or atleast in 70% of India, whereas the 2nd day of Bodyguard was a working day in India ( only Eid was an off day in that week ). Considering these factors, the openining of BG was far far superior to Ra.1. And Mind it, Ra.1 hasnt got in it to sustain in the week days. Come monday and you will see the drop !! the real challenge is, if Ra1 will match BG’s Sat and Sun collections …

  27. dude i agree wid hardik. Bodyguard ws actualy a bad film. Poor acting by r masala hero salman. Bodyguard dnt dserve d clectins it got. Nd plus Raone is 1 dat takes indian cnema 2 ndr lvel. Thus raone is d winer wid bth d film,acting nd d clectins! Salman sucks,srk rcks! Nd ya wat raone colectd on a day lyk dwali nly provd who 1 d btle. Had it nt ben diwali it wud hve clectd 25-30 cr.

  28. super hit movie but i don’t understand media compare movie bodyguard is masala movie..and other reason indian people like romantice movies

  29. Your whole comment does’nt contain the actual figures of RA.one.

    BodyGaurd v/s Ra.One –The Actual Scenario

    RA.ONE :

    Day 1–18 cr[includes both telugu and tamil versions]
    Day 2–25 cr[includes both telugu and tamil versions]
    Total – 43 cr
    These were the figures posted by komalnahta
    But If we consider the actual figures for only Hindi version…then
    Day 1–14.70 cr [As per BOI and Komalnahta]
    Day 2–22.80 cr [As per BOI and Komalnahta]

    Total–37.50 cr
    So the 2 days total is 37.50 cr.[only Hindi]

    Bodygaurd :

    Day 1–21.60[As per BOI and Komalnahta]
    Day 2–19.50[As per BOI and Komalnahta]
    Total – 41.10
    2 Days Total is 41.10

    So the whole Debate is that did Ra.one manage to beat the record set by Bodygaurd or not?
    And the Answer is no as ‘RA.ONE’ clearly lags behind the collections of Bodygaurd by a margin of 3 cr.

    Few trade analysts are trying to show that RA.ONE nett collections are ahead of Bodygaurd by including the collections of both Telugu and Tamil Versions[which should’nt be taken into account as the comparisions should be made only for the hindi version of the movie]
    But the Fact is,Bodygaurd is way Ahead of Ra.one on Day 1 and combined figures of 2 days.

    so I hope the Debate ends Here..

    Now will Mr.Hardik Say who stopped Salman for releasing the movie in Telugu and Tamil?

    • Vijay,

      This is clearly the most idiotic comment seen in a long long time… From Time immemorial, every damn trade analyst takes 2 figures.. India net domestic and Overseas.. Thats all.. Tamil and telugu dont fall in India?????why should the comparison e made in hindi only??? cos u want bodyguards collections to be more?? What is counted is Nett India Domestic..and Ra.One leads there. Jeese!!! What next Dont include south indias collection.. Include only Mahabaleshwars collection.. get a grip you guys.. and anyway.. Bodyguard was ripped scene to scene from its telugu version..No one there would have watched it


  31. It is always difficult to compare two films just based on the collection of a film since the prints are increasing, the prices are inconsistent and the screen space varies, so I have given one calculation here. A criteria will be needed…pls comment,

    Consider Ra.One Second day as First day, since it was diwali puja day.
    Indian box office collection (Hindi Version) as per box office records = 22.80 crores= 22800 lakhs
    Number of Screens = 3500
    Score per screen = 22800/3500 = 6.51 lakhs

    Increase of prices in tickets (compared to bodyguard) = say 10%
    Then Normal Score per screen (reducing above 10%) = 6.51/1.1=5.92 lakhs

    Screen space allocated in multiplexes=95% when compared to body guard (85%)
    Say 5% increase overall, then
    Normal Score per screen with equivalent screen space (reducing this 5%) =5.92/1.05=5.63 lakhs

    So Normal Score per Screen (comparable to Bodyguard)=5.63 lakhs

    First day collection as per box office records=21.25 crores = 21250 lakhs
    Number of screens = 2700
    Score per screen=21250/2700= 7.87 lakhs

    So Normal Score per Screen (comparable to Ra.One)=7.87 lakhs

    Conclusion: Bodyguard score per screen is 7.87 lakhs
    Ra.One score per screen is 5.63 lakhs

    Following factors not considered:
    Like: Budget size of the film, marketing period, Novelty and special effects, introduction and inclusion of other superstars and the 3D impact….and so on….

    • Tango, dont understand this irrelevant comparison of revenue per screen.. How does that prove anything.. The number of screens are increased so that more peopl get to see the movie early at a theatre of their choice.. Just take a hypothetical situation..Suppose all 1 billion people in india watch some movie in future and that movie is released in 1 lakh screens(Dont flip, I have mentioned the word ‘Hypothetical’ to assess ur analogy).so 1 billion / 1 lakh is 1 lakh per screen.. So the revenue per screen is just the revenue from 1 lakh people. So do u mean to say bodyguard will still be a bigger hit as it has some 6 lakhs per screen.. Have some sense before putting out random theories

  32. Tamil and telugu versions fetched money nt blank papers so y r some salman fans trying to deduct that amount from total net india. Do they think that tamil nadu isn’t a state of india. The fact is fact and that is ra.one is galloping towards a ton. Many people (fake pages on fb and twitter) did try to spread negativity bt all in vain). Wen u consider more prints and wider release, y dnt u cönsider effect due to laxmi puja.? Bodyguard is losing on all fronts. The king has hit back.

  33. Hi Guys and specially Hardik, whatever RA.One has collected so far is just because of the begging SRK did in the name of promotion, I myself experienced the same in Kolkata .. the ultimate point to watch out for is the overall collection and the profit ratio RA.One makes. From business point of view Bodyguard made with a budget of 60/65 crs earned 150 crs so far .. where RA.One’s profit making starts from 150 Crs mark .. and do you really think with such water thin plot, illogical and nonsense screenplay and pathetic acting from all charecters RA.One will really make any profit. Boduguard wins in every respet as it made 110% profit and anyone will bet that RA.One will never do a 300 Crs business. Please check todays collections … at least so far I have observed in Kolkata multeplexes are regsitering a mere 50/60% occupancies in todays shows. Let RA.One 80 Crs mark on Sunday then we will have another round of discussion.

  34. increase of ticket rates by 30-40% help ra.one to beat bodyguard by few more crore. But i was thinking of ra.one will gross even more numbers as of screening in 5000 screens. On the whole salman rocks .

  35. only salman’s fan r not liking d movie…. yes it has flaws..but overal its a gud movie…atleast srk has taken an initiative by bringing dis sort f cinema in bollywood….now in next 4 years atleast two films will b made lyk dis….!!!
    salman’s all d film has near abt same content….for eg dabangg wanted n bodyguard…. n surprisingly our indian audience loved d outdated action sequences of dese movies….
    grow up guyzz… for how long we wil continue to apreciate d works of hollywood?? atleast b proud to say dat ra.one is a bollywood movie which can compete wid any hollywood movie easily….many hollywood experts hav workd on dis movie……….Super Ruling Khan rocks n same goes for RA.ONE!!!!

  36. hello sir,i’m 4rm nepal i totally agreed…n there was no 1 who didn’t lik da film every likes it n many watched 2 times continuously…ra1 makes people crazy…hats off n thanks 4 da wonder movie

  37. more than 8 month never ending promotion, cameos by rajini, sanjay dutt, song from akon, 5000 screen release worldwide, 3500+ in india,20% hike in ticket price in north, diwali release, bigbudget 3D release, shame on you SRK..i juzz waited for report from established sources, STILL U CANT BEAT BODYGUARDS RECORD FIRST DAY, STOP UR CARRIER RIGHT NOW BUDDE

  38. If it was just for money Shahrukh need not had to spend a 100 crores and then try to recover it back by all means. He just wanted to please and amaze the audience.

  39. If it was just for money Shahrukh need not have spent a 100 crores and then try to recover it back by all means. He just tried to please and amaze the audience.

  40. bodyguard – a 75 crore movie with 2700 prints, less ticket price, 80% OF THE MULTIPLEX SPACE- two days total at 38 crores

    ra one – a 175 crore movie, 3500 prints, 20% more ticket price, 95% OF THE MULTIPLEX SPACE- two days hindi total 37.5 crore + 5.5 crore in regional language,


  41. it doesn’t matter if ra.one was realesed with 10,000 prints if it is not giving the amount of profit given by bodyguard it is use less comparision, bodyguard(collections 227 crores – cost of production 60 crores=profit 167 crores), if ra.one is collecting 168 crores+175 crores=343 crore then only it is bigger than bodyguard, and other factor is bodyguard collected this only because of salman khan and ra.one(srk, rajani sir, sanjay dutt) all together bodyguard was salmans credit but ra.one is not srk’s credit somewhere he was not having faith in himself@nkrsingh.

  42. SRK agar dus head wala Raavan b ban jaata na fir b wo Bodyguard ka 1st day record nahi tod pata..maine aaj hi yeh film hall print CD me dekhi hai..Ra.One ekdum bakwaas film hai..yeh bachcho ka film hai..saayad bachche b is film ko naa dekhe..only kids and dogs will like Ra.One..bakwaas film..bakwaas hero..WTF

  43. It is sad to see some Indian audience, some film industry people, and some critics pan Ra.One merely cause of rivalry/hatred/dislike/whatever towards Shah Rukh Khan, disguising it as “it has a weak plot/script”.

    But it is great to see that at least internationally, people are appreciating Ra.One, praising it, noticing it, and seeing it as GIANT STEP ahead for Bollywood. If Bollywood is finally getting noticed internationally, it is all thanks to Shah Rukh Khan! Too sad some Indians fail to appreciate a good product from their own country, but other countries notice it and praise it. If India wants to progress in the 21st century, Indians need to change their resistance-to-change mentality and the habit of panning each other based on rivalry/dislike too!!!

    Excerpts from an article by the well respected Financial Times newspaper in the UK. Yes, Ra.One has already created history!

    “Financial Times
    28 October 2011, UK

    Bollywood: To the next level

    Costing more than $30m, it is by far the most expensive Bollywood picture ever made. Packed with slick, high-technology visual effects of a quality never before seen in an Indian film…

    Produced by Mr (Shah Rukh) Khan’s own Red Chillies Entertainment along with Eros International, a distributor of Indian movies that is listed on Aim, London’s junior stock market, the film is a classic Hindi tale of good versus evil. The name Ra.One is a play on Ravaan, the embodiment of evil from Ramayana, an ancient Sanskrit epic; while the hero’s name is pronounced like jeevan, the Hindi word for life.

    Yet the film has a distinctly international gloss. Much of the action was filmed in London; its catchy anthem song, “Chammak Challo”, is sung by Senegalese-American R&B star Akon. Specialist studios from Los Angeles to Italy to Paris, plus a handful of prominent Hollywood special-effects magicians, helped bring the visual wizardry to life. Besides 3,600 screens in India, Ra.One is being released simultaneously on 1,100 screens in markets from the US to Dubai to Kenya and South Africa, plus Asian markets including South Korea and Taiwan.

    “It’s an important event,” says Professor Rachel Dwyer of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. “It’s about moving on . . . The fact that the biggest star has put in his own money and is experimenting is important. It’s about flirting with Hollywood but not going all the way.”

    What is indisputable, though, is that Ra.One marks a big step forward in the evolution of Hindi cinema, as it seeks to retain the loyalty of an ever more affluent, demanding and worldly domestic audience in an era of increased competition.”

  44. Hey whats the debate here. Both are good. Dont compare these movies. Bodyguard was masala action south type of movie. And ra one is superhero sci fic movie. Both are entertaining to see. Now talking about which film is better, well then the man who owns more coin the sandwich is his. Why are u talking about big budget, promotion, cameo role, 3 d print, more screens and blah blah blah… Nobody put a block to bodygaurd to release in few screens, not to release in tamil and telegu, not to put cameo etc. Truth is truth, If ra1 collects above 135 crore but les than 149 crore of bodygard, it is superhit but not hit like bodygaurd if it collects single penny more than BG then it is a big hit than bodygaurd. And

  45. Shrk flop yaar.salman bodyguard will be made of 60 crore and shahrukh ra one is made of 160 crore .but the salman’s bodyguard will get all positive responses by audience but srk ra one will 70-80% negative responses.so thats the good news for salmaaaan fans that the real king of bollywood is Sallu.

  46. body guard waisa hi film hai jaisa wo dabang tha wanted tha. Koi change nhi sirf ladai itna to kar sakta hai. Lekin shahrukh hamesha kuch naya late hai. Wo paisa ko kum ahamiat dete hai wo entertain karne ke liye film banate hai.

  47. Oh’ God!!
    Please, wake this people up!!

    Hey guy’s why are u all arguing over Salman Khan and Shahrukh khan’ Doesn’t make sense Yaar!
    we all know they both are a big stars’ and we should respect them”’
    well’ Honestly’ Yes I am Salman fan’ that doesn’t mean I should abuse Shahrukh…’ we all know they both have done so much in this industry(Bollywood) to keep us entertain’ We should be respecting them beside abusing and bulling them…’ Friends..Let’s be honest and importantly let’s just be a Human!! :)

  48. Ra One has truly taken Bollywood to the next level, I saw it in Canada with friends and they couldn’t believe it was made in Bollywood, I for one am sooo proud of SRK, and will always see him and only him as the global icon of India, Ra one was a pure entertainer, the performances ROCKED, the songs were simply outstanding and people here truuuuly enjoyed it,
    I pray for it to continue to do well at the BO

  49. Stop the hatred people… whether its against srk or salman.. they both r stars n huge brands in their own right… srk has ruled both the hearts with his lover boy image (ddlj, kkhh, kkkg etc.) n salman has ruled the hearts of masses with hits like dabbang,ready,bodyguard etc. there r two points that i think that people are missing out on.. 1)these opening records are just abt starpower and how curious hv d ppl got abt d promos n promotions.. So both bodyguard n ra.one had stars in it n were heavily promoted but wats to be seen is the drop from week 1 to week 2 collections that shows how good the movie is… three idiots had the lowest drop from week 1 to week 2 collections… 2) Movies is business so anyone would say that not opening record but what matters is investments-returns ratio so in that sense ra.one is one of the most expensive movie of the indian film industry so will it be able to recover the costs n how much profit does it make when compared to its investment… in hollywood its nt ‘avatar’ but ‘my big fat greek wedding’ that has given has highest returns to its makers that was 250 times its investment. bodyguard didnt hv a huge budget so i’m sure it might hv given great returns.. So stop the hatred n just enjoy the movies… Cheers

  50. sallu is sallu………………. and srk is srk
    so, dont compare with sallu
    baap baap hota hain
    ra one most vogous & film for teen
    srk should gift it to his children
    srk dont copy hollywood

  51. guys shahrukh doing the promotions like 1 year earlier and salman bhai did just 1 week and just imagine if salman bhai did like 1 month of promotion then just imagine where would b the collections of bodygaurd.

  52. No doubt Shahrukh rocks..
    I dont know why people criticize srk.. arrey he has taken risk and hav given different kind of movie.. dont forget tht bodyguard is a copy from south hit.. yes there might be few flaws but do appreciate G.Ones…

  53. i want to watch Ra-one second time in 3d.i want to say one thing that there is something wrong with rediff mail reviewes.and one more thing, there is housefull in cinamax for 3d at rajkot

  54. Guys,i I would like to say few things about this movie before that, I will clear the figures.. I guess the figures posted up about Ra one collections are misleading,go to boxofficeindia.com or India today etc. for proper collections.
    Day one= Ra one collections ..15.5 crores & Bodyguard collections =21.60 crores
    Day two = Ra one collections : 22 crores & Bodyguard collections :18 crores
    So total collections for two days of Ra one is :37.50 crores & Bodyguard two day collections are 39 crores.
    so Bodyguard leads in opening day as well as 2 day sum collections. But for second day as biggest in film industry is Ra one for 22 crores.
    Day 3= Ra one collections :15.5 & Bodyguard 13.60 crores
    So for total 3 day collection of Ra one is 53 crores and Bodyguard is 52.60 ..a very slight margin in three day total so. final verdict is in opening day and two day sum collections Bodyguard is UP and Second biggest day and three day sum collections Ra one….=====Equals no fight have fun and maintain peace…..movies made to entertain us not to fight..

  55. And one more thing am not the fan of Salman nor Sharukh..simply I watch movie to get out of stress for some entertainment of our daily life. So I watch anymovie which I heard is nice from reviews or freinds. Salman and sharukh not my family members to fight for them they r simply an entertainers and I watch and praise who entertain best. Bodyguard as well as Ra one both are scrap movies not worth to watch.

  56. Any movie hit or flop depends up on how much it made in profits or collections based on their investments. It,s follish to say who stop bodyguard to make in 3d or to invest more. If you made movie of 150 crores investment then it should made atleast 200 crores and above to called blockbuster or 250 crores plus to all time blockbuster. For an instance bodyguard made with 60 crore and generated 140 crore plus its all time blockbuster..if Ra one makes 140 plus then I don,t think logically it should even declare it “HIT” …?????
    I am not a fan of any Actor simply trying to clear the confusion and knwoledge of you guys


  57. I am an exhibitor n I am screening Ra.one right now and have also screened Bodyguard…..both films r different….where as BG was old school masala…Ra.one is a step ahead…both r being enjoyed by the audiences for d simple reason dat dey entertain…period….as for the business I think both r huge hits…neither was supposed to be a masterpiece….both r mass entertainers….I think we shud be celebrating rather than saying who is bigger…..both srk n salman r huge stars…Ra.one is ahead on all counts for the record but den I think Don 2 will go even further and den Ek tha tiger will shatter records….dis is a good sign…let’s celebrate as I feel glorious days r ahead.

  58. It is always difficult to compare two films just based on the collection of a film since the prints are increasing, the prices are inconsistent and the screen space varies, so I have given one calculation here. A criteria will be needed…pls comment,
    Consider Ra.One Second day as First day, since it was diwali puja day.
    Indian box office collection (Hindi Version) as per box office records = 22.80 crores= 22800 lakhs
    Number of Screens = 3500
    Score per screen = 22800/3500 = 6.51 lakhs
    Increase of prices in tickets (compared to bodyguard) = say 10%
    Then Normal Score per screen (reducing above 10%) = 6.51/1.1=5.92 lakhs
    Screen space allocated in multiplexes=95% when compared to body guard (85%)
    Say 5% increase overall, then
    Normal Score per screen with equivalent screen space (reducing this 5%) =5.92/1.05=5.63 lakhs
    So Normal Score per Screen (comparable to Bodyguard)=5.63 lakhs
    First day collection as per box office records=21.25 crores = 21250 lakhs
    Number of screens = 2700
    Score per screen=21250/2700= 7.87 lakhs
    So Normal Score per Screen (comparable to Ra.One)=7.87 lakhs
    Conclusion: Bodyguard score per screen is 7.87 lakhs
    Ra.One score per screen is 5.63 lakhs
    Following factors not considered:
    Like: Budget size of the film, marketing period, Novelty and special effects, introduction and inclusion of other superstars and the 3D impact….and so on….

  59. What a sort of record 53 crores is (difference of just 40 lakhs)….
    Ra.One is carried on the superb wheels: SRK’s 2 decades over, Rajinikanth’s flavour, Amitabh’s voiceover, priyanka’s shineover, Sanjay Dutt’s furore, girl’s assets flashover and so on…
    It is a film of 175 cores, 48 months in the making, 300 days of marketing, revolutionised marketing and innumerable tie-ups, day and night hardwork, 3500 screens, regional languages, 3D funda, paid premiers, 3 worldwide premiers and so on….
    Still struggling to prevail…come on dudes…dont use pampers to cover up the collections by adding the totals of regional languages but follow the box office figures. Lets compare apple to apple “Hindi To Hindi”>…..
    What can be said of Salman is “ he came, he saw ……he conquered…..ONE MAN ARMY
    “THE TIGER””.
    Bodyguard: 6 months of making, 60 cr budget (equal to the marketing budget of RaOne), 16 days of marketing, no carriers…..

  60. i don’t think ra one will gross more than bodyguard. i was expecting ra one to be earning by a wide margin against bodyguard considering the budget of 175 crore ( about 3x the budget of bodyguard) and over a 1000 more screens than bg. and a masive promotional run. as i see it, it’s barely edging bodyguard. also i think too much cinemas can be bad in the long run especially if the supply is more than the demand. over the top promotions sometimes kill the excitement over a movie. still hoping ra one will recover the cost of its production and eventually earn from its film showing. based on trade reports, bodyguard managed to earn about 80-90 crores from its film showing alone, not including the tv broadcast etc.

  61. hey Admin!!!
    wait a second..
    as you said salman and aamir are the real king of bollywoods..
    even in karachi here, to day i went to cinema, but i was so disappointed. you’ll be thinking i would write that people have negative reviews? not really because there is no ticket available for ra.one till 21st november.
    now come to the point..lets suppose for a moment you’re true here..
    we all know salman’s fans were openly urging salman’s fans to boycott for watching ra.one..
    nowadays aamir and salman both have a good bond as we have been watching them on tv praising each other.. mutual understanding is really good thing and it actually worked for them because since a long time they both were failed to achieved such a huge success which they both have started getting for recent past 3 to 4 years.Nevertheless SRK has been ruling since he came here..not only this, their fans even support each other movies and abuse SRK as well, where SRK fans are tackling Salam and Aamir’s fans lonely likewise SRK is tackling them alone.. aamir and salman fans join together and help each other to make their movies blockbuster while SRK is creating history single handedly for last 20 years and beating both of them with a huge margin ..proved on DIWALI!!!
    fans of AAMIR+SALMAN make blockbuster.
    fans of SRK make blockbuster
    one side, 2 persons make a movie blockbuster,
    however other side,only one person stand alone and make a history..
    did you understand why Taran and world confess the fact written above???
    huhhh loooser giving fake excuses!!!

  62. first of all Srk and salman are two different stars having there own star following each and every individual is good or bad in their own aspects.

    Now with regard to the movies it does not matter who has spent how much on making of the movie and who has collected how much and made how much profit . The point which matters is how much substance does the movie has got in it and how much it is been like by the audience irrespective of the fan following.

    last point is that any movie of srk or slaman releasing the fans make it a point to watch it at any cost irrespective of the budget , concept or festive season.

    So now its left to the audience to be fair to themselves and decide whether Ra one is gud or body guard .

    As per me body guard is a comedy movie which makes you laugh to the core and Ra- one is just a entertainer.

  63. Ohh godd first of all congozz shahh for makin such a new box office record!! Watevr ppl say,but god knws how mch hard wrk u did all thruu these years.ppl criticise u always for thinkin smthing new n innovative nd u always prove urself..i mean wen ur muvi is released,evry news channel carry a special report abot hw is it doin?? but i don’t see this with any other star.this shows how mch ppl want to test u…nd u alwayss rokk…Some stupid ppl who can’t c their so their salman gettin dethroned fom his socalled BOX OFFICE KING tag (which they themselves have created nd agree to) are spreading negative comments about RA.1 but itz sad for them,that despite their negative publicity,Ra.1 is breaking evry record. To all of those who tryin to do ol this,atlest if u can’t appreciate a tyrue dreamer,innovator,a person who changed f face of indian cinema with such a muvi,appreciate his hard wrk atlest

  64. the point is that both the movies had some factors in their favour while some against…..
    all this arguement is pointless…..
    have ur say watch whichever movie u want….
    nd let the trade analysts tell the numbers…u cant argue with them when it comes to collections….

  65. hahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahaha

    you guys are fighting for what ?????

    lol ……….. these are just movies
    dont care about who did what and who did not.
    just enjoy the movie whatever it is …….. if it is good.

  66. yeah totally agree with hardik ra one won yepiiieeeee…..where is the party tonight……sorry sallu lallu;s fan u loose…bcoz sallu lallu cant even imagine of 150 crore movie…..he can only make cheap budget movie coz he doesnt have money hehehehehe

  67. SRK is a rude person, I use to work on Billu Barber set and 3 weeks straight I would ask him for an autograph and he would always tell me that he would give it to me later but ones he was done, he just ignored everyone and left. Ajay Devgn, Salman Khan and Bipasha Basu are 3 actors with whom I have also worked and they have willingly given more than a autograph on same day.

  68. what compare between sallu and king ,kaha sallu jise na acting aati hai na dance karna or kaha king jo acting ka badhshah to hai hi sath main marketing badhshah bhi hai fir kyu copmpare yaar or believe nahi hota to dekh lo kuch din or ruk ke RA ONE beats all records good luck bcz bcz bcz mehnat or kuch naya karne ki lalak kabhi bekaar nahi jaati aage badte wahi hain jinme kuch khud karne ka jajwa ho

  69. i am a great fan of salman khan as well as shahrukh khan. at the same time i didnt like bodyguard neither did i like Ra.One. but when the question comes in of making money, both are big. but everybody here is missing the point.

    Even with all the money that Ra. one is making, it is still not a blockbuster till now. because of its cost. now that is the most important thing. it has been made on a 200+ cr budget (incl promotion). now with that figure, bodyguard was huge because from the 3rd day onwards. it had started generating profits for all. while if Ra.One doesnt sustain its super collection, then it might be a flop or just an average grosser. the producers will just about recover its money.

    and from my side best of luck to Ra.One and team and i hope they make that mark and much more than that as a lot of time and effort has gone into it.

  70. Salman the undisputed king of indian cinema…….

    RA-one released in more than three languages and 3500 screens and made 75, where as salman’s Bodyguard released in 2000 screens and grabbed 89 crs in first weekend.

    sallu the boss, no body can match him…

    Ra-1 is a pathetic movie of century….

  71. Salman the undisputed king of indian cinema…….

    RA-one released in more than three languages and 3500 screens and made 75, where as salman’s Bodyguard released in 2000 screens and grabbed 89 crs in first weekend.

  72. ra.one is revolutionary movie in india,if any one say bad abt this film,it doesn’t mean this film is boring,it only mean that they can not feel the movie

  73. So is this what everything has come to? You are going to post fans’ comments as reports and articles? Gr8! We come to your site to read your analysis, since you’re the most trusted trade analyst! We don’t come here to read selective copy, paste of fans’ comments as articles!

  74. raone to thik hai rote dhote 200 carors kama legi.par salmaan ki ek tha tiger film same veer ki jese history theme par hai is bar to ye flop hogi.

  75. i think that ra.one is a better film than bodygard
    When i watched bodygard in cinema i came out after 1st half only
    Salman ko acting nhi aati
    Aur vo ra.one gitni costly picture bana bhi nhi sakta
    Salman is the flop actor

  76. love shahrukh sir
    he will always win
    best of for him in future
    i think ra one is much better than body guard
    or any film of salman

  77. Salman khan was good looking,smart and handsome personality not like sharukh-Buddha kahin ka and salman khan Bodyguard were very nice than Ra-one .kyuki yeh film maine 3times theatre me dekhe aur ra-one pehli hi bar me bor ho gaya.superb pakau film

  78. To make the comparison fair, the box office collections of the 2 movies in Hindi should be compared. Ra.One was released in more than 1 language…Dont come back saying … no one stopped BodyGaurd from doing so (otherwise include the collections made by the tamil and malayalam predecesors…)…Also the budget for both the movies should be taken into consideration…

  79. Ra.One Second Saturday Box Office Collections were much below the mark. The Film showed a drop of over 85% from its previous friday collections.
    The Film is not going to recover its budget from India collections. Even Ready’s Record is difficult. Although it will lead Dabangg and Bodyguard when worldwide collections will be taken into account.
    The Film Collected 2-3 crores over past two days daily. The Total Collections till now in India for Hindi Version are around 107 crores. Sources” True Box office Report”

  80. Ra.one is a blockbuster, we all agree. But if we look the budget of ra.one vs bodyguard then collection of bodyguard are xceptioNal.

  81. hey personally i am not a srk fan but lets face it i dont say srk is the best but eyry tym his film releases it bcumes a national debate whether it was oso,mnik,raone all eyes r on him i may say he is the best among all khan(amir,salman) but not better than hrithik coz i lyk him.
    By the way i lyk raone n i think it was a very gud movie


  83. I was interested to see what people had to say about the “comparison” between Ra.One and Bodyguard. And it’s actually very interesting. I’ve noticed that salman khan fans are very rude when responding to people’s positive views on srk. everyone has the right to choose or like whoever and whatever and write their views. instead of bashing people for their comments why not just give your own view it would show ur support better. Ra.One and Bodyguard were two completely different movies. Ra.One was a sci fi super hero movie, it would make sense if it was being compared to a hollywood sci fi film. Bodyguard was a love story between two people. and also talking abt srk being selfish and calling him “sr gay” actually doesnt bring him down. Clearly people who this srk is selfish prefers people who publicizes their charity as a brand. the meaning of charity is to give from the goodness of the heart not to show the world “im a giving person”. I feel that instead of bashing srk or comparing the two movies just because the stars don’t like eachother is really dumb and instead if u must compare it to similar movies. It would make more sense to compare hindi bodyguard to the original version.

  84. bilkul bakwas hai yeh rawan bodyguard is the best pictutre or 1st rawan ne jayada collection ki but total collection to bodyguard ki jayada thi so band karo yeh bodyguard k khilaf comment karne

  85. we know salman khan is the super duper star in bollywood and starrdum of other acters is less than for salman starrdum so every picture of salman khan become superhit


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