Over the last two days, since the release of Ra.One, we have received thousands of comments, Tweets and Facebook reactions on the Ra.One versus Bodyguard issue. Thank you for the same. But the question is has Ra.One really broken the record/s set by Bodyguard? Or has it not? Even as figures for the third day are coming in, one really has to put this issue in perspective.


There is no denying that Bodyguard was a blockbuster. But there is also no denying that Ra.One has gotten off to a wonderful start and it is expected to do solid business in the next few days. So how do we solve the conundrum, all the figures and Eid/Diwali comparisons notwithstanding?

Below is a comment from one of our readers, Hardik, who seems to be offering an answer to the issue at hand. Take it or leave it, but you can’t deny the logic. Following the comment are a few links of Koimoi.com’s extensive coverage of Ra.One box-office so far. Hope this will put to rest the Ra.One Vs Bodyguard debate.

You can obviously share your feedback in the comments section below:

Hardik’s comment:

Nobody stopped bodyguard for releasing it in 1000 more screens. Also nobody stopped bodyguard for screening in 3d. In the last it is only money which counts.

Bodyguard collected 39 cr in 2 days while ra.one collected 43 crore. Both films are blockbuster but ra.one just outpassed bodyguard by 4 cr.

Also the verdict of audience is out. Ra.one received many negative reviews from critics on day 1 but still ra.one’s 2nd day collection increased by 8 crores.

Internationally, ra.one collected 7 crores on day 1 while bodyguard collected 2 crores on day 1. On 2nd day ra.one is expected to collect about 8 crores while bodyguard’s 2nd day collection internationally was only 2 crores.

Thus summing up all
Ra.one (first day – india + international) – 25 cr
Bodyguard (first day – india + international) – 23 cr

Ra.one(second day – india + international) – 32-33 cr (25 +7/8)
bodyguard (second day – india + international) – 21 cr (19 +2)

Bodyguards 3rd day collection was 14 cr in india + 2 cr internationally. Ra.one is expected to collect 20 cr+ in india only on 3rd day.

so ra.one wins in all record expect 1 : india only opening day record : bodyguard 21 cr – ra.one 18 cr
Also ra.one is the 1st film to cross 25 cr 1 day mark.

Link to original post: http://www.koimoi.com/box-office/ra-one-final-2-day-box-office-score-rs-43-crore/

Ra.One Movie Stills
Was he or was he not fast enough?

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  1. bodyguard got openings do one denies that.
    but,just observe the hatred and negative wom is spread all over .srk has come out of it and proved that his star power is unquestionable.

    mostly negative reviews from major sites,news channels have affected the urban movie going audience.but slowly dark lcoud passing away.

    sat,sun will show the huge biz.overseas will be monstrous as the cinegoers there will start walking into theatres in weekend.

  2. Why are people making this a X vs. Y debate. The Indian film industry is struggling most of the time. Every bout of success should be celebrated and various stars should help each other out in promotions as there is a lot of scope for increasing the size of the box office pie if movies are promoted well instead of running them down only for the reason of star rivalaries

  3. What hardik said is absolutely true! Nobody stopped bodyguard to release with more prints & inflated prices. RA.ONE ticket prices r higher becoz audiences can pay such amt. To see srk onscreen. His fans love him so much.

    • ok mr. Shekar tht mean price increase karne se garib log itne costly ticket purchase kar sakte hain. u r very sucks man abt ur thinking. SR Gay who is Very Selfish Person always see his profit to promoters, Distributors always for making large money his always intension to beating salmaan mvies bt nw it past… nw since 4-5 year powerfully rulling by Salman Khan..Bodyguard Also Can ma sure also bt he never try to get more higher thn SR Gay always Showoff….

    • beta shekar 1st u have go check ur filmy gyan also ok u r right tht nobody stop salman to release more print bcz of 1sst thing is ..He is nt hungry like selfish SR Gay Khan ok .. 2nd is His stardom always better then Shahrukh, now shahrukh knw this fact also tht he had never be a king of bollywood tht y he’s increasing & decreasing mvoie budget, then tcket price then recovery if money bt fact is tht his fil struggling to reach salman’s & Amir Movie collection records..Salman is always most talented actor of bollywood as he always shown for himself.Salman is a real Mega Star of bollywood..& shahkuch always same expression nothing to do more in acting… aakkkkk chiiiiiii hhahahahaha


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