Secret Superstar Honk Kong Box Office: Aamir Khan starrer Secret Superstar is on its spree to explore the world with its amazing box office. After ruling India, Taiwan and China the movie has shifted its gears to amass love from the people of Honk Kong now. After days of preview screenings, the movie finally opened this week and since then has been multiplying its business.

The movie has enjoyed a humongous Saturday at the Honk Kong box office. Post collecting HK $ 348,300 and HK $ 513,318 on Thursday and Friday, Secret Superstar has earned HK $ 869,157. One thing to note here is the movie has just released in 118 locations throughout the Honk Kong.

Secret Superstar Honk Kong Box Office: Proving The Power Of Good Cinema WORLDWIDE!
Secret Superstar Honk Kong Box Office: Proving The Power Of Good Cinema WORLDWIDE!

This shows how the people of Honk Kong are connecting with the story of a little girl who aspires to become a singer and fights with her personal issues. This also shows the power of cinema and how a good story can work anywhere in the world. The movie till now has collected HK $ 4,163,243 (3.46 crores) at the Hong Kong box office.

Talking about overall success of Secret Superstar, Aamir recently said: “We are really happy that ‘Secret Superstar‘ has been so successful all around the world, so all credit goes to Advait (Chandan) for wonderful writing and direction that he has done.”

Aamir was really glad that the film has been successful in China.

“I have said this earlier as well that Chinese audience has emotional connect with Indian stories.”

“They relate to culture and family values shown in Indian films, so there is lot of similarity between our counties in that spectrum. I feel whenever we will watch Chinese films, we will also appreciate their movies.”

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