Salman Khan starrer Dabangg has managed a historic record box office collections of Rs. 800 million net (Rs. 80 crore) in its first week. In case you are still wondering why, just have a look at the below examples, that prove that Salman Khan rules the hearts and minds of Indian cine-goers, wherever they might be.

It is after a long time that all 28 shows at Gaiety cinema, Bandra, Bombay and all 21 shows at Maratha Mandir, Bombay were house-full last week. The film which achieved this feat was ‘Dabangg’ in its 1st week!

The Salman Khan starrer has created history by drawing all 56 shows full in 1st week at Lisa-I and Lisa-II, Sehore (C.I.) with a whopping collection of Rs. 5,03,720. The film garnered Rs. 1,35,879 in 1st week at Anshay Talkies, Ashta (C.I.) against a capacity of Rs. 1,48,460/-. The village has a population of just 35,000. ‘Dabangg’ has collected a net of Rs. 3.33 crore in 1st week from C.I. circuit. An all-time record!

The film gathered Rs. 4.40 crore (net) in 1st week from Rajasthan circuit which is the highest ever any film has collected in the first week.

In Delhi and U. P. it collected a record-making net of Rs. 19.20 crore in the 1st week in Delhi-U.P.! The film has also netted Rs. 7.05 crore in its 1st week in East Punjab. Again, the highest ever collection of the first week! ‘Dabangg’ has created history by collecting Rs. 3,22,290 in 1st week at Amar Talkies, Dhamtari (C.P. Berar).

Looks like Salman Khan’s juggernaut called ‘Dabangg’ is on its way to complete domination!

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