Disney’s Real Steel dipped 40% in its second weekend but held on to its no. 1 position last weekend. It added US $16.3 million in its second weekend to take its 10-day total to US $51.7 million.

Real Steel Poster, The Ides Of March Poster

Paramount’s Footloose debuted at the second spot with a take of $15.6 million. It had a lower initial attendance than the original Footloose which opened to roughly $20 million when adjusted for ticket price inflation.

The Thing was disappointing, what with a debut of $8.5 million only. Although the start was poor, it sold about as many tickets in the opening weekend as the 1982 movie of the same name, of which this is a remake.

The Ides Of March fell 32% to $7.1 million to take its total for 10 days to $21.8 million. It came down two places – from no. 2 to no. 4.

Warner’s Dolphin Tale also fell two places to no. 5. It added $6.2 million to its kitty to take its 24-day total to $58.6 million.

TOP 5 OF HOLLYWOOD on 16th October Weekend

No (Last Week) Film Distributor Weeks Since Release
1 (1) Real Steel Walt Disney 2
2 (New) Footloose Paramount Pictures 1
3 (New) The Thing Universal Pictures 1
4 (2) The Ides Of March Columbia Pictures 2
5 (3) Dolphin Tale Warner Bros. 4

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