Race 3 Box Office Collection Day 1: Race 3 took a very good start as 29.17 crore came in on Friday. The film started well in the day and had the word of mouth been all around fantastic, collections would have been a lot more enhanced by the time the night shows were through. This is what made all the difference as the film couldn’t come close to the predicted number of 35 crore.

Box Office - Race 3 has a very good start
Race 3 Box Office Collection Day 1: Salman Khan Starrer Takes A Good Start!



Of course even 29.17 crore is a very good number since no other Hindi film has managed this in 2018. However, from the biggest release of the year so far, one expected a lot more. This can well be ascertained from the fact that Avengers – Infinity War continues to occupy the top slot for the biggest opening of 2018 in India, what with 31.30 crore been collected on a regular Friday. The number is all the more impressive since the film released on half the number of screens [2000] when compared to Race 3 [4000+] and still the collections were more.

Today and tomorrow the film should see further jump since Eid festivities have kicked in. That should bring the weekend number around the 100 crore mark. However since the critical acclaim is just not there and audience word of mouth too is not optimal, it would be a wait-n-watch game to check out how does the momentum gain from here.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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