Bipasha Basu (Raaz 3 Movie Stills)
Bipasha Basu (Raaz 3 Movie Stills)

Superb opening weekend of ‘Raaz 3‘ had pretty much established that a minimum of 50 crores in the first week was pretty much on the cards. Well, as has been the case with the film, it continued to surpass expectations at every milestone and ended up with, believe it or not, a total of over 55 crores by the end of it’s first week. This is not just fantabulous, it also tells a lot about the kind of box office pull that films coming from the house of Bhatts as well as Emraan Hashmi have enjoyed.


The film is now nothing less than a case study for those which come with an adult certificate or belong to the horror genre or have love making scenes aplenty. Time and again one hears complaints from filmmakers who feel that their product was robbed of a widespread market because the Censors had lent them A certificate. Well, ‘Raaz 3‘ shows that if the overall film works and connects to the masses, none of the constraints really matter. ‘Raaz 3‘ has continued to do roaring business not just over the weekend but also weekdays, hence reiterating the pull that it has enjoyed.

There is another major record that has been created in the meanwhile. In terms of first week occupancy, ‘Raaz 3‘ (55 cr+) is now next only to ‘Ghajini‘ (64 cr+) when it comes to films with an ‘A’ certificate making moolah. One now waits to see if this record is broken soon, though it looks unlikely this year at the least since there is no ‘adults only’ film with money making capacity expected to arrive in months to follow.

No wonder, Vikram Bhatt, Emraan Hashmi and Bipasha Basu indeed have a lot of smile.





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