The big budget and the big starrer movies released this year up till now, have resulted some unpredictable outcomes. And now after many big movies turning out to be disappointments, audiences are looking forward to Varun Dhawan starrer Badlapur. Will the movie live up to the expectations of the audiences and will it be successful in bringing good numbers at the Box Office?

Here is what the trade experts have to say.

Varun Dhawan in a still from movie 'Badlapur'
Varun Dhawan in a still from movie ‘Badlapur’


Rajesh Thadani (Distributor and Exhibitor)
Yes expectations are high and I am hopeful that the movie will do good business and bring about the much needed change.

Shyam Shroff (Producer & Distributor, Shringar Films)
The promos look great, it should take a flying start. Overall numbers would depend upon the merits and the appreciation.

Tarun Tandon (M.D, Indra Films, Nizam and Andhra)
The movies these days are lacking in content. And thus have been disappointing to a great extend. But with Badlapur the expectations are high again as varun dhawan is getting better with every film he does. Even though there are only 3 songs in the movie the music is very good. I am positive for this movie as it looks like it will get good numbers in the plexes.

Ashok Ahuja (Consultant sales distribution & IPR management. Ishka films & Mangalmurti films)
Praying hard for this jinx period to break in the industry and all hopes are pinned on Badlapur. Last week Roy managed a good opening and the hopes soared that happy days are here again, which was short lived. Let’s hope Badlapur takes revenge on the lull period. I personally think varun Dhawan can pull it of by registering good numbers at the Box Office.

Akshay Rathi (Exhibitor)
Badlapur is releasing with its own set of assets and liabilities attached to it. The greatest assets of the film are its superb music and the incredibly interesting cast of the film. On the flipside, you have the first Sunday of the film clashing with India’s game with South Africa in the cricket world cup! However, irrespective of all this, good content finds its way at the box office and I’m sure Badlapur will manage good numbers. Its ‘A’ rating by the censors and the degree of violence in the film may keep a certain section of the audience away, but the masses should ensure that the film clocks well at the box office.

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