For Poster Boys to register a fair total at the end of its first week, the need of the hour was for it to bring in almost similar collections on Monday as they were on Friday. This didn’t happen though as 1.25 crore* came in on Monday whereas Friday had stood at 1.75 crores*.


The film currently stands at 8.50 crore* and this is a low total for the Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, and Shreyas Talpade starrer, especially since the merits in there warranted a better total. If only the film would have been promoted more heavily and there was better awareness around it, the numbers would have looked something different.

Box Office - Poster Boys and Daddy - Monday updates
Poster Boys And Daddy Remain Low On 1st Monday At The Box Office

On the other hand, Daddy was promoted reasonably well for its genre, stage, and setting and that allowed it to find audiences in the Mumbai region. However, what it also needed was attention from a much larger audience base and since that didn’t really happen, the overall numbers currently stand at 5.25 crore*. The film would struggle to reach a lifetime of 10 crores and that would be quite a low total.

All in all, yet another week where the new releases haven’t really set the Box Office on fire. Coming Friday sees the release of Lucknow Central, Simran and Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi. Hopefully, there would be some sort of turnaround with Farhan Akhtar, Simran, and Rishi Kapoor/Paresh Rawal starrers.

Arjun said, “He’s not flamboyant, doesn’t go dancing bars and blow up money on bar girls and mistresses. He’s spent half his life in jail but is a God-fearing, family man.” One thing that stood out in his meeting with Gawli is the fact that despite the menacing image and the fact that he was part of the underworld, he was a God fearing man. He didn’t fear the cops or the rival gangs, but he definitely had a fear of God.

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*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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