In the first weekend at the box office, Salman Khan starrer Jai Ho has grossed Rs. 100.80 crores worldwide. The film has been the biggest weekend gross for a non-festive Salman starrer. Eros International has announced a strong opening weekend for Jai Ho at the box office. The film has bagged impressive Rs. 100.80 crore gross worldwide, despite a non holiday weekend.

The film released in over 5000 screens worldwide and has record a smashing start overall. Salman’s teeming zillions of fans kept the ticket counters rolling in the opening weekend.

Salman Khan in a still from movie 'Jai Ho'
Salman Khan in a still from movie ‘Jai Ho’

The film amassed a significant Rs. 77.80 crores gross (Rs. 58.50 crore nett) in India and 23 crore (US $3.70 million) overseas. The film opened to Rs. 17.50 crore on Friday followed by Rs. 16 crore on Saturday. The film however saw a massive jump on Saturday with its collections stationing itself at Rs. 25 crore at the domestic box office.

Nandu Ahuja, VP-India, Eros International said, “Salman fans have given a huge thumbs up to Jai Ho. The film is packed with Salman style action along with the emotion and message of the human chain of goodness and it has touched the right chord with his fans. This is an outstanding opening and his highest where we didn’t have the added advantage of a long weekend”.

Pranab Kapadia, President, Marketing & Distribution, Eros International plc added, “With January usually being a slow start in the overseas markets, the overseas weekend for Jai Ho was excellent .This also being a non holiday period reflects very well on the film’s opening. It is trending at a similar or better level compared to recent Salman blockbusters”.

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  1. comparing jai ho with dhoom3 is not fair,since dhoom 3 was a bigger film from a big production house and the fact is that aamir has the backing of family audiance.this means that a family buys atleast 3 tickets for a fans 1 ticket,and these are people who doesn’t go to the internet and put their comments.i am from kerala here dhoom3 ‘s initial was above the collection of a malayalam film which is an all time grosser.films like dhoom 3 happens once in a bluemoon.hence comparing each and every film is unfair.

  2. Superb movie with great message.
    We need such kind of movies for inspiration.
    If movies is good then who cares about boxoffice.
    Audience deals with good film & not records created by crap films.

  3. 65 cr nett in 3 days flop,jai ho 58cr nett in 3 days hit , jai ho salman u will not give a flop now onwards bcoz the whole media is backing u .

    • Waseem Ra One 150-200 crore mein bani thi aur uska net collection 125 crore tha wo apni laagat bhi wasool nahi kar payee is liye flop hui aur Jai Ho 60-70 crore mein bani thi is liye hit category mein aayee hai agar acchi film ko support nahi karoge to tumhe filmein dekhene nahi jana chahiye


  4. let’s implement hai ho style. jai ho was made to participate in developing india or any country without the politics and mafia’s. Carruptions gone against the movie because it’s message. everything before the move and after is explained in the movie by roles and character. don’t be negative , . it is made for you and your country. it is saying jai ho you and in return you must support it

  5. salman superhit hain bina story ke ektha tiger blockbuster de sakta hain woh shahrukh me kahan yaad hain guddu movi pehle din ashish takies chembur me 4 admi the yeh haal sallu bhai kakabhi nahi huaa.jai ho nuksaan nahi superhit hai boss

  6. Hey admin it is the net collection… You all media reported gross collection for CE & Dhoom 3.. Why now reporting net collection only for Jai Ho…. Gross Collection of Jai Ho Weekend is 78 crores where CE was 92 crores with 3 public holidays…

    • Dhom3 gross collection worldwide is more than 550 crores. Its Domestic Nett. Collection is more than 280 crores. If you take the weekend gross of dhoom3 it is more than 150 crores. I am also a fan of Sallu bhai, but I have to admit the business of JaiHo is not upto that mark which I was expecting. Why defend with Nett./Gross?

  7. flop show…. ” to help 3 persons & asked them to help another 3 people”… who will go to watch movie to get the message by wasting 700 rupees & 2.20 hours…it is better salman would do an item song to spread this message & not wasting the money & time of public..

  8. this movie is made for normal good positive cetizen to participate in developing india or any country by aam admimi ( normal citezen) helping each other to acheive best soceity and strong country without carruption , the sad thing is there are people standing against this message either there are enemy of improvement or negative. the magic is the movie is showing deferent reactions and also situation before the movie and after the movie whcih are real life and also how change start and spread. jai ho all good indian and all good citezen of other country

  9. Ticket prices Op.weekend
    Dhoom 3-900rs. 107cr.
    Krrish 3-900rs. 68cr.
    Ch.Express-700rs. 100cr.
    Jai Ho-250rs. 58cr.
    If ticket prices of Jai Ho was 900rs. op.weekend will be 58cr/250rs.*900rs.=208cr.!!! if 700 then 58cr./250rs.*700=162cr.! Jai Ho have beats all records!
    Salman is #1 blockbuster maker and #1 human of Bollywood!

  10. salman bhai ki ek galti se unki movie srpf 150 cr kama paye GI par koi baat nahi galti sudhario aap ki ane wali movie 1000cr kama sakti h kyi ki tum salman ho best of luck sallu bhai


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