After making a business of 26.63 crores on its opening day, Aamir Khan’s PK has shown a decent growth of about 15% overall on an average on Day 2 i.e. 1st Saturday at the Domestic Box Office. The film has collected 30.34 crores yesterday, thus taking its total to 56.97 crores.

Aamir Khan in a still from movie 'PK'
Aamir Khan in a still from movie ‘PK’

The film witnessed a low occupancy in the morning shows, however, it picked up well from the afternoon shows and showed a good escalation in the evening to late night shows.

PK will show a tremendous growth today, considering the advance booking of shows is fantastic. The mouth publicity of PK is good and thanks to the critic’s positive reviews too, the film is expected to make an opening weekend business of over/around 90 crores nett at the Box Office.

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  1. Tl interval its entertaining bt second half it too slow and goes on akshay kumars “oh my god” track…
    Bt “oh my god ” is far better than pk and aamir khan did not reach the performance level of paresh rawal…
    Paresh rawal as kanjibhai in OMG is awesome…
    Pk i wl say abv average movie…..

  2. Movie is no doubt very good and Aamir is The best actor of present days… but the Movie could have been made better, as the 2nd half lacks the fun a bit… we have seen a similar Movie OMG, so the story lacks the punch… The collection would have been better if the movie would have released on 25th DECEMBER….. still it will do the business of 250cr+….

  3. U must watch dis film…..coz….its most entertaining film of 2014 with a gr8 msg ……I think mr. shahrukh should be inspire from AMIR

  4. Amir Khan ……. Respect all religions , You just insulted Hindu and Christian religion in your new movie PK , I was going to support your movie concept if you were showing us BRINGING WINE inside the Mosque….but you havnt dared to do this ….I will again say respect all religions. Friends IGNORE this movie …….

  5. Cheeeee H Jine PK Pasand Nhi Aye OMG Is A Good Movie But U Can’t Compare WIth Pk Cuaz PK Is Outstanding…3Idiot Was Master Piece At That Time & PK Is Master Piece For All Time Cuaz The Subject Is Quite Complicated & Handly Well……..Thk Once Again Aamir Khan,Rajkumar Hirani & V.V.Chopra For Such A Funtastic Movie…..!

  6. It’s really a fantastic movie. I really enjoyed it and it’s not less to 3 idiots. Raju Hirani doen’t release too many movies like others but whenever he releases he does a fantastic job. Amir khan is all time hit and he works very hard for a movie because he knows a value of our money. I would like to say everybody to watch it and other directors should learn something from Raju Hirani. Instead making 5-6 flops films in a year its better to release 1 in 2-3 years. It’s really an unique concept. I would give 5******* to this one….

  7. Movie good. Aamir good, but one sided controversial message.. too much about hindu godman and movie generalizes that all godmans are bad…not true.. Also not much shown about other cultures…especially not talking about COW slaughtering by islam in detail and condemning it.. it’s one sided message only targeting loopholes in hindu culture and their godmans..

  8. biased social message. shows loopholes of hindu godman’s only and also generalizes that all godman’s are bad.. did not expect this from Raju Hirani.

  9. Although I enjoyed the movie, I feel that is will always suffer in comparison with 3 Idiots / Munnabhai movies. The reason is there was a lot of ‘fun’ quotient in those movies whereas, PK, tackling a serious topic, viz. religion, cannot be too frivolous. Even for the scene of the Shiva character in the toilet, there are people who have got hurt! The writers and the director had to be extra sensitive to prevent a backlash from the hundreds of Hindu / Muslim / Sikh / Christian organizations in India.

  10. Hi , I am not a blind fan of any actor in Bollywood like most of the people does now days and contribute for making average movie as blockbuster but I always like and prefer special and unique movies like OMG , 3 Idiots , Chak De India , PK that comes once in 3-4 years. I just watched today morning and I am really thankful to it’s makers Rajkumar Hirani and actor Aamir Khan to deliver such a master piece again for all of us and keep alive the standards of Bollywood that was literally going down since couple of years . We all must watch this movie that came with lot of entertainment , great acting and a very strong positive message to human being. I bet you would want to watch again for sure.

    I request please don’t compare in terms of collection or review stars. Just go and feel it yourself.



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