Irrfan Khan in Paan Singh Tomar Movie
Irrfan Khan in Paan Singh Tomar Movie

Now this is what we call a dark horse! The Irrfan Khan starrer, Paan Singh Tomar, has made more than Rs. 12 crore at the box-office. For a film that was made for Rs. 4.5 crore, this sure is a commendable feat.


Siddharth Roy Kapur, CEO, UTV Motion Pictures, said, “Paan Singh Tomar has defied all market expectations and emerged a huge box office success. Great content, superb reviews, incredible word of mouth and a perfectly targeted distribution strategy has played a significant role in the film’s success.” Director Tigmanshu Dulia said, “This story was with me for more than 10 years and now to see the same story materialize into a film opening to packed theaters fills me with immense pride.”

Irrfan, who plays the title role of the athlete-turned-dacoit, said, “PST was a quest and dream to redefine heroism, to redefine entertainment in Hindi cinema, and to be accepted. And the dream came true, it turned into reality. It is deeply gratifying that we could complete Paan Singh Tomar’s race.”




  1. Komal should make it clear that his reviews are not about the intrinsic merits of the movie but more a discussion about its box office prospects. Anyway in this case, Komal got it completely wrong even about the box office prospects. I am a bit surprised actually since he is usually astute about what clicks at the box office, and I saw the movie and it was really entertaining.

    • Komal Nahta’s manipulation has been exposed on several occasions in the past. He gave Raajneeti 2/5 and then gave it “Overflow” verdict in order to save face after the movie did BLOCKBUSTER business. Something similar happened with ZNMD where he gave it a low rating and the film ended up making profits and a BO hit. Yet again to save face he gave it a “Commission” rating which was a complete joke considering that a loss maker like Ra.One was given a higher verdict. I’m sure he’s gonna do the same with PST. He wouldn’t give it anything more than “Commission” earner despite the movie nearly doubling its investment. What a shame!

  2. komal nahata has mood swings he only promotes big producers movie fully biased ,he gave a thunda review for a cult movie like paan singh tomar now when the movie has done good business he started posting figures its very easy to sit and make comments he doesnt know ABC OF FILM MAKING,the funny part was he even calculated interest on making paan singh tomar pathetic

    • Completely agree with you man. He’s been degrading verdicts of low cost films like Ishqiya,Paa,NOKJ,Haunted etc despite them being huge profit makers. He rated an excellent movie like ZNMD a 2/5 and then had to save face once the movie ended up doing exceptionally well at the BO. His one sided-biased analysis of Ra.One where he added false sources like “Subsidies” to prove that the movie was a success just proves the point that he’s a total manipulator and completely biased in favor of big banner films.


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