Akshay Kumar in a still from OMG Oh My God! Movie
Akshay Kumar in a still from OMG Oh My God! Movie

After making 4 Crores on its opening day at the domestic box office, OMG Oh My God! saw a good growth on Day 2. The movie made an approx 5.35 Crores on its 1st Saturday at the box office.


The two day total of domestic box office collections is approximately 9.35 Crores. Even though the collections received a spike on Saturday it is still doubtful if the movie will have a good weekend. Reason being Day 1 box office collections and a crucial Cricket Match on Sunday. When it is Cricket v/s Bollywood, there really is no way that Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal starrer OMG has a chance.

The best OMG Oh My God! will make in its 1st weekend is about 15 Crores. Tuesday being a holiday might do some benefit to OMG but it depends how well the trend is carried over.

If we look at the last 2 releases of Akshay Kumar, Joker and Rowdy Rathore one realizes that the box office collections are going down by the movie.

Rowdy Rathore was super hit with an opening day collection of 15.01 crores, Joker flopped with a 4.60 Crores opening and OMG as the term goes is “Bhagwaan Bharose” with just 4 Crores opening day collection. Opening weekend and week comparisons show a similar trend. Rowdy Rathore had made 48.05 Crores and 79.52 Crores on its opening weekend and week respectively. Joker couldn’t carry on the trend and made 15 Crores and 20 Crores on its opening weekend and week respectively. And OMG Oh My God! seems to have started on the lines of Joker. We sincerely hope it doesn’t become another Joke like Shirish Kunder’s Joker.




  1. you guys get some facts…this is not typical akshay kumar starrers akki is just playing supporting role paresh rawal is in the lead and do not compare this with joker because joker is piece of shit because akshay made a mistake chosing that film and do not promote well because he knows that will not work and i do not need to remind you rowdy rathore is an alltime blockbuster movie so….all you akki haters go to hell

    • You are right bro. This is akshay’s 3rd hit in the year and i am sure Khiladi 786 will also be a hit. Akshay releases 5 movies which no other superstar does. I am sure he will sign only good movies watch out for his next 3 south indian remakes full of action action king is back.

  2. “Akshay’s solo hits are rare. He should stick to Multi Starrer Films. After all he is no Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, SRK or even Ranbir Kapoor…….Mind It…..”

    What was Rowdy Rathore? new actress, unknown villain, unknown sidekick, unknown item girls and directors second movie and it was a blockbuster. actually rowdy rathore if you put same ticket price ETT had, rowdy rathore has earned more.

  3. Akshay kumar should learn acting by seeing the old movies of his late father in law , rajesh khanna. Of late, he is doing bakwas movies.

    • I agree he had done some bakwaas film of which many had been big hits, but Oh! My God is a meaningful film that educates people.. The fim makes some strong points against commercialization of religious belief and religious sentiments are manipulated for personal gains.. This movie is must for all Indians – most of who are religious fanatics


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