OMG Oh My God! made an approx 2.35 Crores on its 2nd Monday at the domestic box office. Last week’s release English Vinglish on the other hand made 2 Crores which is 0.35 Crores less than OMG Oh My God! running in its 2nd week. Both the movies had disappointing opening days but picked up at the domestic box office. However, the way OMG Oh My God! grew was way huger than that of Sridevi’s comeback venture.

Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar in a Still from OMG Oh My God! Movie
Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar in a Still from OMG Oh My God! Movie


OMG Oh My God! now stands at a domestic box office total of 50.10 Crores. Having made about 4.5 Crores at the overseas box office OMG Oh My God! now stands at a worldwide box office total of 54.60 Crores.

Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal’s performances have got a lot of applause and families are loving this flick. One can safely presume that this movie will run another week and a half at the domestic box office. OMG Oh My God! will finish this week with 56 Crores and the lifetime collection should be around 65 Crores.

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  1. A cult movie and a must watch for every rational person. The acting, the story and the direction everything is outstanding. A sweet departure from mindless action, action and comedy. It should have become a blockbuster rather than just a superhit.

  2. Am finally happy that the truth was reported

    People were talking about EV pickup, but EV pckup was inevitable as it had a dismal opening Friday, however look at OMG, it will make more collections in its 2nd week too than EV in its 1st week.

    EV 15 crore net in 4 days is passable at best, nothing to rave about. Most films make that these days.

  3. Massage given by the film is good,but the derogatory remarks made for Hindu gods & traditions are highly objectionable.Remember full care was taken before any comment on Islam & Christianity but not for Hinduism.Simply becoz we don’t protest.


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