When ‘Maximum‘ decided to arrive in the same week as ‘The Amazing Spider-Man‘, it was always supposed to be professional hara-kiri. While it was a given that the film didn’t quite stand a chance at the box office, one still expected at least 15%-20% opening for the film. However the pathetic response meted to the film pretty much indicates that audience were just not interested to watch this cop drama. The film opened to practically empty houses and situation didn’t improve over rest of the weekend either. As a result, the film failed miserably at the box office with less than 1.5 crores coming in its kitty.

Sonu Sood In Maximum Movie, The Amazing Spider-Man Movie
Sonu Sood In Maximum Movie, The Amazing Spider-Man Movie

This also translates into the fact that director Kabir Kaushik now has fourth flop in a row after ‘Seher’, ‘Chamku’ and ‘Hum Tum aur Ghost‘. Meanwhile Sonu Sood can take solace from the fact that his performance was much appreciated in this realistic drama even though the film as a whole was largely rejected by the critics as well. Though there were a few good reviews that came the film’s way, by and large most complained about the uneven narrative and the lack of meat in the drama. The film is a major flop and would fold up with miserable collections to show.

Meanwhile Hollywood invaded Indian screens in a big way with ‘The Amazing Spider-Man‘ not just opening huge but even sustaining itself well right through the weekend, hence resulting in collections that just fell short of the 30 crore mark. This is the biggest ever response that an international film has fetched in India and also reaffirms the fact that Spiderman as a franchise is much awaited in this part of the world. Even though the reviews were good, they were not as overwhelming as the earlier instalments ‘Spiderman‘. The word of mouth is mixed which means while the film would collect big, it won’t be a blockbuster.

On the other hand ‘Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai‘ couldn’t find any attention whatsoever coming its way. It wasn’t even released across the country and worse, there was no section of media that bothered to review. Big or small, reputed or unknown, just about every publication, website and news channel gave the film a total skip that pretty much reflects on the kind of welcome Veena Malik has received in Bollywood. With collections not even crossing the 25 lakhs mark, the film is a huge disaster.

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