The signs were clear last weekend itself when word of mouth started setting in for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man‘. It was mixed and that reflected on the box office response during the week with collections falling on every passing day. Still, the opening numbers were so huge that even when audience didn’t quite give it as much appreciation as the earlier ‘Spiderman’ flicks, there was still a moolah of 41 crores that was accumulated. That has been good enough for the film to reach the superhit mark, though as predicted last week, it certainly won’t be a blockbuster as overall collections would just about touch the 50 crore mark.

Sonu Sood In Maximum Movie, The Amazing Spider-Man Movie

On the other hand ‘Maximum‘ has turned out to be a disaster at the box office. The film didn’t take an opening, couldn’t find good reviews coming it’s way, had a poor weekend overall and then totally crashed over the weekdays to fold up at under 2.5 crores mark. The film is off majority of theatres in the second week and would not add anything to this total. This is a major setback for Sonu Sood who was pining good hopes on the film to gain some leverage as a solo hero. However his only gain from the film has been good feedback coming for his performance which will help him stay afloat.

Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai‘, third release of the week, was a complete washout and couldn’t even survive a single week at whichever theatre it was released. One now waits to see if Veena Malik would ever get an opportunity to act as a leading lady outside C Grade flicks.

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