The Amazing Spider-Man and Maximum, both released on a wide number of screens this Friday. Box-office results are as expected. Apparently it proved to be no battle at all. The Amazing Spider Man continued to amaze with a massive occupancy all across the nation. It was one of the biggest openings for a Hollywood movie dubbed in Hindi and released in India.

Sonu Sood in Maximum and The Amazing Spider-Man Movie
Sonu Sood in Maximum and The Amazing Spider-Man Movie

Sonu Sood’s Maximum on the other hand is sure headed to be a big flop. The movie opened on Friday with an average occupancy rate of 1-3%. Considering the box office wonders that The Amazing Spider-Man is doing we don’t think Maximum will even last a week at the Indian Box Office.


Seems the predictions about The Amazing Spider-Man came true. The movie indeed had a huge opening, amassing over 8.50 crores on Day 1. It broke the record of “2012” for the highest opening day collection by any Hollywood movie in India. The previous record was for 5.25 crores. It broke the same by a huge margin and set up a record which will be pretty tough to break by any other Hollywood entry anytime soon.

On the other hand other entries like Maximum and Daal mein kuch kaala hai proved to be a complete washout.

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