All the top 5 films of the previous weekend remained in the Top 5 chart in the 2nd January weekend too. Universal’s Little Fockers added US $25.8 million to its kitty in the second weekend, staying put at the top spot. Its 12-day total was $102.6 million. True Grit also held on to its position at no. 2. It grossed $24.4 million in its second weekend to take its 12-day total to $86.7 million.

Little Fockers Movie Poster, True Grit Movie Poster


Tron: Legacy remained at no. 3 in its third weekend too. Collecting $18.8 million, it took its 17-day total to $131.3 million. Warner Bros.’ Yogi Bear moved one step forward. At no. 4, it grossed $12.4 million in its third weekend to take its total for 17 days to $65.8 million.

Rounding off the Top 5 chart was The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader which added $10.3 million to its tally in its fourth weekend. Its total for 24 days went up to $86.9 million.

TOP 5 OF HOLLYWOOD (2nd January Weekend)

No (Last Week)
Film Ditributor Week Since Release
1 (1) Little Fockers Universal 2
2 (2) True Grit Paramount 2
3 (3) Tron: Legacy Walt Disney 3
4 (5) Yogi Bear Warner Bros. 3
5 (4) The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader Fox-Walden 4



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