There are multiple reasons to believe why Besharam won’t make it to the 100 crore club! The film that earned well on its opening day only because of the grand release it received, began to see the downfall from its second day onwards. The collections have been on a drop mainly because of the negative word of mouth publicity that the film’d director claimed to be a result of sinister forces trying to hamper the growth of his film!

As someone who is appreciative of the film’s lead actor’s work, Ranbir Kapoor became noticeable after delivering powerful performances in films like Barfi, Rockstar and even Wake up Sid. There is enough talk of Besharam being his first out and out commercial product but a few actors are made of better mettle than rendering aimless, formulaic massy films.

Besharam is plagued with grave disparities in its writing! Focussing outrageously on the character of Babli, the film has very few high ecstatic moments. And though Ranbir is a commendably potent actor, his star value is still not enough to be the singular driving force for a film.

Early trade buzz suggests that the film even on its Saturday remained a low which can assure one that despite insipid competition this week, the audiences aren’t inspired enough to waste their time watching Besharam even on a weekend. For the section, who are Ranbir loyalists can be expected to be thoroughly disappointed with the un-suave, vigorously loud and tacky avatar of the actor which doesn’t suit him at all.

Ranbir Kapoor in a Still from Besharam
Ranbir Kapoor in a Still from Besharam

Mostly a film fares well either for being dished out with a wicked story or heavy star value! Chennai Express did not flaunt a flattering script either but the presence of Bollywood’s brightest star Shah Rukh Khan was enough for people to purchase the ticket and get entertained! On the other hand, Ranbir’s previous films like Barfi worked well for its delectable content. But this time, none of the factors works in the favor. Besides that it wouldn’t be incorrect to say the film was near crass product scribbled in desperation to attain a blockbuster status! The forced attempts of falling into the super-success moulds kills the earnestness and effortlessness of any venture and let’s just say, this wasn’t the best of either Abhinav Kashyap who gave Salman Khan his most startling character ever or Ranbir Kapoor who has been the most exhilarating actors of recent times.

The lofty praises showered on both these figures is validated enough but Besharam wasn’t the best of their work! From the early estimates, it can be gathered that Besharam in its Week 1 will struggle to make it to the 50 crore mark probably and by week 2 it will begin to dwindle away and await being smashed by Akshay Kumar starrer Boss. That failure is both well-deserved and unfortunate. And if by some miracle, the film manages to reach 100 crore club (which is highly improbable), it will be amongst the most undeserving films in the list!

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