Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision’s Khatta  Meetha is in trouble. Luckily for the producers and the distributors of the comedy film, the tragedy is not so serious that it can affect the release schedule of the film. Frankly, the trouble could have resulted in the release being postponed but that, luckily, has been averted and the Akshay Kumar starrer will hit the screens next week, as per plan.

Actually, the film, applied for certification on 12th July and viewed on 13th, had been cleared by the Central Board of Film Certification but a spoilsport seems to have complained against the clearing of the film. It is believed that the film has a scene in which an elephant is shown pulling a road-roller. Somebody seems to have found the scene as depicting cruelty to the animal and has complained to the CBFC, asking for it to be deleted. That did it! The CBFC swung into action and asked the producers to delete the controversial scene involving the elephant and the road-roller.

The controversy has resulted in delaying the despatch of prints for release in the Overseas circuit. In all likelihood, the CBFC will view the deleted scene today (July 17) and make the necessary changes in the censor certificate today itself, thereby averting any chances of a postponement of the release.

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