Box Office - KGF - Chapter 2 (Hindi) continues to run riot on Tuesday as well
Box Office – KGF – Chapter 2 (Hindi) continues to run riot on Tuesday as well ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

It is turning out to be one phenomenal run for KGF Chapter 2 (Hind). On Tuesday too the film was running riot with 19.14 crores more coming in. This is an excellent number for the sixth day of the film and shows how much it is being loved by the audience and that too on a consistent basis. For a film belonging to the action genre, one would have expected the momentum to have slowed down after four days but that’s not really happening and the big bucks are still coming in.

Of course, compared to the 25.57 crores that the film had collected on Monday, it may seem like some kind of a drop. However, that’s all on a relative scale. If one looks at sheer absolute numbers then this is as huge as it gets and there is so much ammunition still in there to be fired. Even in the worst-case scenario, 15 crores each would be collected today and tomorrow, which will bring the (extended) first week total to a really huge high.

Overall, KGF Chapter 2 currently stands at 238.70 crores and while 250 crores would be crossed today at ease, overall we are looking at a first week total in the range of 270-275 crores. This would then set the benchmark for other major biggies to start dreaming big for a 300 crores first week, which should start defining future all time blockbusters.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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