It was a poor week at the box office, what with Karle Pyaar Karle as well as Miss Lovely failing miserably at the box office. There were no surprises though, considering the fact that weekend was already disastrous enough for both the films. With Jai Ho releasing this week, chances for gain in momentum for any of the two films was negligible.


As a result, while Karle Pyaar Karle just had weekend collections of 1 crore coming in, Miss Lovely folded up around the 70 lakhs more.

Karle Pyaar Karle and Miss Lovely Movie Poster
Karle Pyaar Karle and Miss Lovely Movie Poster

The good part is that Shiv Darshan and Hasleen Kaur have shown good promise in their debut film, which means this is definitely not the last one has heard of them. Both would see more films coming their way and in an industry waiting for more and more saleable leads, it would be only fair to give these youngsters another chance to establish their credentials.

On the other hand some out there felt that Miss Lovely would be the kind of film that would not just add on the Indie wave but also bring its leads closer to mainstream. Well, that was always going to be a long shot and only one out of ten such films actually have a chance to do well commercially. Moreover, this was a dated film and released after being stuck in the cans for years. It is hardly surprising that the film didn’t find any takers for it.

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