Jai Ho completed its second day Box Office journey already and the film showed no swell since its first day at the Domestic Box Office. As per early estimates, raking up an income of 16 crores only, Jai Ho‘s total collections for now has accumulated 33.50 crores nett.


Jai Ho, a mixture of a preachy and a masala film has failed to go down well with its target audiences, it seems.

Salman Khan Starrer 'Jai Ho' Movie Poster
Salman Khan Starrer ‘Jai Ho’ Movie Poster

Also, the film is earning at the right pace with the lower than usual ticket price that Salman insisted for this film. The Superstar after 5 decades of chasing box office numbers has this time refused to fall prey to money minting ways and gave his audiences several perks to watch his films.

Though the film failed to show excessive growth on its second day as well, Jai Ho might miss the mark of living up to the over all expectations of people but will surely pass off to be a hit given its modest budget.

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  1. A few comments on social media about Jai Ho:

    “The best thing about Salman Khan movies is that you can review them without even watching.”

    “Salman khan is the most eco friendly guy, saves paper by not doing any film which requires script. #respect”

    “Bakwaas film….. but all the illiterate uncouth fans of bhaijaan will make this film a hit….. no wonder India doesn’t develop. #JAILho”

    “Another dumb salman movie…..only thing to take away from his movies are headaches. ……this looks like ek tha tiger sequel the way this steroid fed gorilla rips off his shirt, growls and uses his paws etc……”

    “Faltu movie…… give your money to charity and earn good karma rather than waste it on a ticket.”

    “Agar Aapko haisa lagta hai ki hamne aap ki sirr dukhaya hai toh aap gaali math dijiye, instead cinema ke bahar 3 logon ki help kijiye aur unhe iss film dekhne se rokhiye.”

    “3 cheers for arbaaz and sohail khan..dono ne milkar bhai ki career ki waat lagayi #jaiHO”

    FLOP HO !!!!!


    Jai Ho had no big actress, no big director, poor music and non-holiday release. The only thing the film has is Salman starpower. So it shows that Salman in his favourite genre (masala action) is able to give an opening of 17.5 crores based solely on his starpower.

    17.5 crores opening on its own is quite good but everyone thinks this is underwhelming for a Salman starrer as they expected 20 crores atleast. This means that people are overestimating Salman’s starpower and expecting too much from him.

    Either way Salman will no more be able to give big hits with the masala genre. That genre is dead now. In south such films will run but north audiences tastes are different. For every Dabangg that becomes hit, there are many Himmatwala and Boss. Salman’s core fan base is single-screen audiences and his masala films will always do well there. But multiplex audiences will reject such films. No actor will be able to give big blockbusters without good business from BOTH multiplexes and single-screens. Salman must change his films or he will go completely downhill.

  2. I hope for 1st week collections : 17+18+22+10+8+7+5=87cr apprx
    2nd weekend : 5+7+7=19cr
    2nd weekdays : 20cr
    total life time collection : 130cr

    Mr.Khan need to realizes that every film with just stardom wont bankable , like : Lunch box , Madras cafe , Life of PI was only sold upon scripts , performance and good chemistry .

    Mr. Khan need to realize again that everyone who is picked up from road ,room and program wont be star like : Sana Khan , daisy shah

    Even collection figure of Dabanng 2 was not superior compare with ETT, Daganng but we hoped that he easily surpass 150cr but this time he slips to soar

    Always a star need to realizes his mistakes

  3. The trend of raising ticket prices started with ETT only. Plus other movies are released on festive occasions when people are ready to pay more, if they had raised the prices at this point, people won’t have paid that much. SO THEY HAD NO CHOICE. Plus even if you consider that prices were raised 25% then also it would have been only about 40-45 crores. You guys are having a soft corner for the movie just because it is going against your expectations. You had predicted that it will earn 150 crores in 1st week itself!!! ADMIT IT.. you know nothing about movies !!!


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