Jai Ho Movie Poster
Jai Ho Movie Poster

It has been more than a year since Salman Khan has appeared on the silver screens and Sohail Khan’s Jai Ho is making news for all the right reasons. In multiple interviews that the actor gave out, he specifically mentioned that the ticket prices won’t be hiked at all. The pre-booking status of the film is already witnessing good results and the maximum prices even in plus metropolitan cities over the weekends isn’t soaring above 300 INR. Expected to release over 4500 screens in India, there are two possibilities for this one. It can either work out in its favor, that since the ticket prices are lower more people will flock in to watch the film. Or on the grey side, the lower ticket prices won’t allow it to emerge as a record smasher that Chennai Express and Dhoom 3 turned out to be.

It is quite a daunting move for Salman to release his film in a non-festive, non-holiday season, as this will be the true test of his star power keeping the audiences devoid of any other impetus to watch a film except the actors and the story. Koimoi collates for you our predictions for Jai Ho‘s box office performance.


On its opening day, Salman will easily beat his own best opening at the box office. But to topple the higher ranks set by Dhoom 3 on a normal working Friday won’t be plausible for the film. Despite all odds, the film should earn 33 crores on its first day.

On its second day, like most movies, the film will witness a marginal drop and might settle for 30 crores. What worked in advantage of Dhoom 3 was its additional versions in Tamil and Telugu that added an extra 2-3 crores to its moolah.

On third day which will be a Sunday, the film will obviously elevate its box office numbers. A homogeneous holiday for the audiences, the film should earn in the range of 35 crores. There is a chance that Jai Ho will fail to match up to Dhoom 3‘s record of swiftest 100 crore with lower ticket prices and barren season without holidays to bank on.

On Monday (Day 4), the film should earn in the range of 17 crores at the box office. By Tuesday, Wednesday with consistent drop in numbers, the film’s earning should be in the range of 16 crores on Tuesday and 14 crores on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the film should make nearly 12 crores at the box office. Over its next weekend, the film’s collections might witness a second surge of swell at the box office on its second weekend, but by the draw of its first week at the box office, the film’s collections should be in the range of a whopping 150 crores.

Lately, the box office numbers have come to play a gigantic role in the success of a film but Salman is attempting to change his hold among the masses by focusing on what is affordable to his audiences rather than running after the sham of box office records. We are hopeful that his fans will appreciate the crusader avatar of the Dabangg Khan just as much and the Being Human star achieves more wholesome success that sprawls beyond numbers into the hearts of those who love him.

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