Riding on incredible word of mouth, the content film beats regular trending of weekdays that generally see collections dip. Rani Mukerji’s Hichki is doing incredibly well in the crucial weekdays. The film grew on Wednesday and registered a solid 2.60 crore nett on its sixth day. It is unheard that a film grows on a normal weekday but Hichki’s case is remarkable.

The film is receiving widespread love across all age-groups due to the fantastic content on offer for audiences. The film is on an outstanding run at the box office with collections now standing at 22.70 crore nett in just 6 days!

Hichki has a strong growth on Wednesday!
Hichki Holds Strong On Its 1st Wednesday At The Box Office!

The sensitive, socially relevant film has been given two thumbs up by the audiences and critics alike. Hichki is appealing across all age-groups and is riding on overwhelmingly positive word of mouth.

Rani plays the character of Naina Mathur who has a nervous system disorder, Tourette Syndrome that forces an individual to make involuntary repetitive movements or sounds. Yash Raj Films’ Hichki focuses on turning disadvantages into opportunities and staring down at challenges that life throws at one and ultimately winning over them.

Hichki is also a subtle reminder about discrimination that exists in our society and has become a part of our daily lives. It highlights this through the story of Naina, who faces discrimination from our society that firmly believes she cannot be a teacher because of her disorder. Progressive, brave and positive, the movie is about the power of will and determination. Hichki salutes the unsung efforts dedicated teachers make and their life-changing impact on their students.

Hichki has been directed by Siddharth P. Malhotra and produced by Maneesh Sharma.

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