Heroine Poster
Heroine Poster

Heroine started witnessing considerable drops ever since last Friday. The movie made a small 1 Crore on it’s 2nd Friday, 1.20 Crores on Saturday and an approx 1.40 Crores on Sunday. Madhur Bhandarkar’s much hyped project Heroine could make only 3.60 Crores on it’s 2nd weekend at the domestic box office.

The Kareena Kapoor starrer now stands at a domestic box office total of 40.10 Crores. Also another 9 Crores at the overseas box office brings up its worldwide box office total to 49.10 Crores.

From the looks of it the movie won’t last more than a week at the box office. A lifetime collection of 43-44 Crores is the best the movie can achieve in India.

The makers of the movie will not be in a loss via this venture but the distributors sure will. After the huge publicity and the hype that ensued it was only expected that Heroine would be a super-hit. However, the masses seemed to not like the movie to that extent and showed their finger down.

Better luck with an “ORIGINAL” story next time Madhur.

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