Kareena Kapoor in a Still from Heroine Movie
Kareena Kapoor in a Still from Heroine Movie

Heroine made a decent 3 Crores as per early estimates on it’s 1st Wednesday at the box office. The Kareena Kapoor starrer had made 3.70 Crores on Monday and 3.30 Crores on Tuesday. It now stands at a domestic box office collection of 34 Crores.


The movie has failed to impress audiences overseas and ended up making a mere 2.5 Crores which sums up the worldwide box office collection to 36.5 Crores.

Heroine’s collections so far are in no way bad for the makers of the film. However, the distributors are all set to lose a huge chunk of their investment thanks to the movie’s below average performance in mass belts like Gujrat, Rajasthan, CI and CP.

This weeks release OMG Oh My God! and Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal are sure to have an averse effect on the film. It’s really doubtful if the money will make decent money in its 2nd week.





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