Bhatts are carrying on the legacy. If Mahesh Bhatt’s protégés have been making waves for years now, even Vikram Bhatt is turning out to be a mentor worth acknowledging. Earlier he extended an opportunity to Bhushan Patel and the director delivered with 1920 – Evil Returns. Later, he got further commercial success with Ragini MMS 2. Now Vishal Pandya, another Vikram Bhatt protégé, has made good use of the second opportunity meted out to him after Three – Love, Lies, Betrayal by delivering a bonafide success in Hate Story 2.

Now that’s a good trend for the industry where seniors are pushing forward the case of the new entrants.

Jay Bhanushali and Surveen Chawla in a still from movie 'Hate Story 2'
Jay Bhanushali and Surveen Chawla in a still from movie ‘Hate Story 2’

Coming to Hate Story 2, the film was all set to be on a safe path after a good first day and by the time first weekend came to a close, it was stepping into a zone where profits were waiting to be made. This is indeed happening now, what with 25.60 crore coming in after the first week. The film stayed well on course right through the weekdays too and though there won’t be much to add on from this point on due to Kick onslaught, it has spelled good news for the industry which has added one more success to its tally. Moreover, another good perform in the form of Surveen Chawla has also made her presence felt.

Amit Sahni Ki List and Pizza 3D continued to find their share of audience, but on the lower side, what with a little over 4 crore each coming in. Though both had seen some good escalation over the weekend, it was purely on relative terms since cumulative collections were sill not the kind which immediately bring a film in the safety zone.

Pizza 3D in particular is a costlier product and such low numbers don’t help the cause. Amit Sahni Ki List has low costs though and now with word of mouth being good, it has chances of finding some good moolah coming from ancillary rights, which should help it enter the green zone.

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