Hate Story 2 Movie Poster
Hate Story 2 Movie Poster

Rating: 1/5 Stars (One star)

Star cast: Surveen Chawla, Sushant Singh, Jay Bhanushali, Siddharth Kher

Director: Vishal Pandya

What’s Good: Erm. Too little to be mentioned. Surveen Chawla is decent in first half and Sushant Singh who is too talented to feature in such flimsy films.

What’s Bad: Everything else. While logic and erotica don’t quite gel well, films and logic rightly should.

Loo break: Loo is any day a better option than watching a pathetic movie like this.

Watch or Not?: The name Hate Story 2 calls for it – hatred. The film that is essentially a revenge plot is a plodding story that lacks brains. Maintaining the hilarious lines of the prequel, the heavy breathing seductive talk has just gotten worse with this film. The lines are mere trash gems out of some B-grade movies of the past. I wasn’t expecting thunderous work from the film but this film beats the bar of trashy that its prequel had set. If possible this one is worse! Avoid Hate Story 2; it is damp a show!

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Sonica (Surveen) and Akshay (Jay) are madly in love with each other. A local politician (Sushant) who loves Sonica can’t stand that and he and his army of goons mercilessly slays Akshay and assault Sonica. Having the love of her life butchered in front of her eyes, scars her and she plots a plan to destroy Akshay’s killers.

Wounded and blood thirsty, Sonica loses her innocence in seeking revenge for Akshay and herself from the people who put a sudden end to their picturesque fairy tale. Does she succeed or gets crushed by politically backed biggies is what this film is about.

Jay Bhanushali and Surveen Chawla in a still from movie ‘Hate Story 2′
Jay Bhanushali and Surveen Chawla in a still from movie ‘Hate Story 2′

Hate Story 2 Review: Script Analysis

Before I begin about the script, I would call out to all my readers to contribute a nominal sum to the writers of this film. They are in desperate need of a civics book to understand the concept of police and cops! Oh, you people don’t want to waste a few bucks! Never mind. Even I didn’t! Now about the film, if a certain Miss Pretty-Damsel-In-Distress is stuck as a politician’s bed toy what should she do? Party with the love of her life in Goa. That sounds like a delicious plan!

Again logic must fly out of the window in every B grade Hindi films, that wears its tacky lines as a badge of honor on its sleeve. But this one topples the worst of the lot. Enjoying Mithun’s Gunda was another level, but Hate Story 2 beats the ‘Shake It Take It Fake It’ talk from its prequel with shocking brilliance at churning out worse. When it comes to logic why the lady finds it difficult to walk out of her abusive relationship has been left in blur. The entire track where she gets beaten up seems lame and highly unconvincing.

Coming to better examples of zero logic in the film, I would like to know which disease of the brain causes nerve damage resulting in seizures, hallucinations, delusions etc. Not only do I not know which disease is it, the cure surely cracked up everyone around me. I laughed heartily at the hand spread out on the table, with the fingers being poked by knife. The affinity for violence is understandable but this is sheer intelligence deficiency disorder of its writers which if not cured on time can lead us to turn into retards.

Coming to the erotica, the scenes lack sensuality or steam, however you put it. It’s no thrill to watch probably because the chemistry was not right. Though the sequences scripted down weren’t right, the feel of it lacked appeal because of the director’s lack of correct guidance.

Hate Story 2 Review: Star Performances

Surveen Chawla wasn’t bad. Though I hated, loathed the film almost, the actress did a decent job at her work. Now you can’t expect Rani Mukerji’s reaction from Laaga Chunari Mein Daag or Tabu’s from Chandni Baar, but she does a passable job in what was expected of her. Boldness wise, Paoli Dam’s quotient from the last stint was better. The seductive gasping orgasmic voice could have been toned down obviously but Chawla is as good as the role she bagged.

Jay Bhanushali barely had anything to in the film. As the puppy eyed spirit, he looks rather funny, he was mostly a misfit in the role. His chemistry with Surveen wasn’t spectacular either!

Sushant Singh is the only saving grace in the film. He puts his acting skills to good use and topples what is expected of him. The little power the film had was because of him.

Hate Story 2 Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Vishal Pandya’s work has deteriorated. The most powerful scenes lack connect. At the point where Surveen is assaulting one of the murderers for brutally killing Jay, tying him down on the chair, doesn’t quite connect to you. It remains dull instead of being painful and angst ridden. This is kind of discrepancy that exists between what the film should have been and what it turned out to be. The only credit I give to the movie was its lucid and crisp packaging that helped in drawing audiences on its first day. Alas! They will all return disappointed as they don’t even get half of what they had asked for. The film’s music wasn’t brilliant and given that it was a lackluster story even the rehashed scenes were misfits.

Hate Story 2 Review: The Last Word

Hate Story 2 is a shabbier, incoherent, clumsier and low of thrills sequel of its B-grade cheesy predecessor. Despite the grave flaws, Hate Story was atleast watchable. Hate Story 2 disappoints in every department. And though the lead lady shows some promise, the film doesn’t even rise up to mediocrity. It is crass and revels at it. I am going with 1/5. Revenge dramas can be very alluring. A certain Khoon Bhari Maang is a classic example of how this genre can be terrific. But when you aspire low, you achieve low.

Hate Story 2 Trailer

Hate Story 2 releases on 18th July, 2014.

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