Happy New Year had a decent second Friday at the Domestic Box Office. The film collected approx 7 crores yesterday. It now stands with a total collection of 164.50 crores at the domestic box office.

The Shah Rukh Khan film crossed the 150 crore mark in its first week. After having a thunderous start, the film has slowed down a little in the 2nd week but is expected to buck up over the weekend.

Boman Irani, Shah Rukh Khan and Sonu Sood in a still from movie 'Happy New Year'
Boman Irani, Shah Rukh Khan and Sonu Sood in a still from movie ‘Happy New Year’

With a release over the extended Diwali weekend, the film tasted a good fate over its first weekend but the real test stands now as it will have to keep up a good stride over the second weekend too. While reaching the 200 crore mark by the end of the second weekend seems difficult, the film may at least reach on the brink of the big figure.

With the new releases performing dull and Happy New Year having a much higher screen count, the film has a good chance to maintain its pace.

Koimoi Bollywood Box Office: 10 Days Collections Of Top Highest Grossers 

(all-India net collections) (in Rs. crores)

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Weekly Collections Happy New Year
Bang Bang
Dhoom 3
Krrish 3
Chennai Express
Jawaani Hai Deewani

Ek Tha Tiger
3 Idiots
Paid Preview 6.75 2.75
Day 1 44.97 27.54 26.00 36.00 24.25 33.10 19.45 32.92 13.00
Day 2 31.60 24.08 27.10 33.25 21.60 28.00 20.16 14.55 11.64
Day 3 32.29 20.10 30.40 37.75 22.15 32.50 22.50 12.80 13.24
Sub Total  108.86 107.00 100.35
Day 4 15.00 22.41 14.20 21.00 35.91 12.60 13.00 16.78 10.94
Sub Total 103.91
Day 5 13.00 15.36 29.00 21.25 26.50 11.50 12.00 23.00 9.65
Sub Total 136.86  109.49 126.70 100.05
Day 6 11.50 10.31 21.60 23.75 19.50 12.55 11.00 20.00 8.31
Sub Total 148.36 173.00 150.00
Day 7 09.14 08.23 15.70 12.50 14.50 19.60 9.50 15.00 9.52
Sub Total 157.50 164.00 156.6 107.61
Day 8 07.00 02.73 09.20 11.00 11.50 7.00 7.00 10.20 11.00
Day 9 04.00 10.50 11.00 14.25 8.00 10.00 6.50 10.50
Sub Total 151.75 100.55
Day 10 05.00 14.70 19.50 16.00 10.00 11.75 4.50 12.50
10 Days Total 144.45 198.00 227.00 206.25 181.60 136.36 156.25 113.05
Lifetime Total 179.08 233.00  280.25 240.50 226.70 190.03 198 202.00

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  1. i cant understand why r so diffence in trade figure n producer figure.tf say 4.67 n pf say 7 .hw is possible?difference 2.5 cr

  2. hadh hey……………ek baat to pakki hey ki trade figures are correct coj Thursday according to producers movie did around 9 crore but on Friday which is also a weekday kind with less screen it did only 2 crore less…………………and darshana thik bol rahi hey……..i still remember ki cartoon aaya tha jisme krish3 k collection ko beach me latka bataya tha…………………..shahrukh ko kuch nahi karna bas apni movie k colle kese bhi 200 karne h n wo ab kar lega with already 20 crore ka jhol

  3. HNY promotion is over…It seems that Koimoi is still promoting the SRK film by Showing Fake figure..its now clear according to BOI 4.50 Cro 2nd Friday and you are giving 7 Crores there is a difference to 2.5 Crores. I think you will also overtake Doom 3 figures …Don’t give public wrong figure, producers always give wrong figure to hide their movie results

  4. SRK is the king of the Universe….Sallumia or Amir bhai abhi unke same baccha hai..Sallumiato last 2 saalse success ka maja chakh raha hai or amir bhi but SRK last 20 years se rule kar raha hai…yeh industry uska kingdom hai , jiska woh King hai or baki sare uske praja…jyada maat likha karo hajam nahi hoga tumlogo ka…

  5. Koimoi walo…tum logo ko hua kya hai…jb josh release huyi thi…tab bhi srk ne bombay k 1 theatre ke bahar housefull ka board lgwa diya tha…par ander koi nhi tha…aur film ko hit show kiya gya tha…aur josh jaisi bekar movie aaj tak maine nhi dekhi…waisa hi aaj koimoi wale paise lekar hny ke liye kar rahe hain…josh ki tarah hny bhi 1 flop movie hai…aur usey hit bta rhe hain…44 cr. Se aaj yeh 7cr. Pe aa gyi h aur koimoi wale ise minor fall bta rhe hain…aur bang bang ki minor fall ko movie ke liye bahut badi girawat bta diya…ticket price jyada aur kam logo ke aane se movie hit nhi flop hoti hai…jaker theatre me movie dekhkar review karo.

  6. LoL.. koimoi is so desperate to show higher collection for HNY… hahahahahh… they tried their best by bashing the films SUPER NANI and ROAR and by predicting those films poor box office report; And now they came with a ridiculous figure for 8th day.. (Hahahhaha 7 crore.. LoL.. ROLF… ILMAO…); box office india and trade figure is around 4.5 Crore on 2nd Friday for HNY; how is possible tat 2.5 crore difference came for just a under 10 crore figure??? Eiter koimoi is doing corruption by taking some good amount from Red Cillies or tey are just some ridiculous fans of SRK!


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