Prediction came true to the T as Gunday saw an opening of around 60% on the day of its release. Though a section of trade was cynical whether the film would actually manage to garner a very good start, the buzz amongst the public was a true indicator of what was expected to happen at the box office. As per that, the Ranveer Singh-Priyanka Chopra-Arjun Kapoor starrer was poised for a good start with anything above 40 crores being collected over the weekend being a distinct possibility.


This is exactly what happened as Gunday managed to up this number by a good margin and ended up in the vicinity of around 43 crores. Now these are very good numbers indeed and straight away bring the film into the success zone. Of course, and as mentioned last week, the mandate to achieve a comfortable run towards the 100 crore mark was for Gunday to be universally liked. In that aspect, the response has been mixed, though one has to admit that critically, the film hasn’t been panned by any with reviews as well as audience word of mouth ranging from okay to good.

Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor in a still from movie 'Gunday'
Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor in a still from movie ‘Gunday’

With such a response, collections around the 80-85 crore mark are a given for this Ali Abbas Zafar film. However days to follow would truly decide how further does Gunday go from here. One thing for sure is that with the film, Ranveer has pretty much demonstrated his good pull amongst the audience what with Gunday being his successive good opening preposition after Ramleela.

As for Arjun, this is now easily his biggest grosser ever, hence surpassing Ishaqzaade. Meanwhile Priyanka Chopra would be keeping her fingers crossed to see whether Gunday turns out to be her fifth 100 crore super-hit.

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