This Independence day will see the clash between Gold and Satyameva Jayate at the Box-Office. Initially, Satyameva Jayate starring John Abraham seemed to be no competition for Gold starring Akshay Kumar as the later is undoubtedly a much bigger film, however a lot has changed after the trailer as well as songs of the two films were unveiled.


While Gold still has an upper hand over Satyameva Jayate, it seems that this might prove to be a clash wherein both the films would hold their ground strong by getting their respective target audience on board. Here’s a look at points working in favour and going against the two films:

Gold VS Satyameva Jayate
Gold VS Satyameva Jayate: Akshay Kumar Or John Abraham, Who Has The Upper Hand In This Clash?



The biggest USP of Gold is the fact that it is a patriotic film starring one of the most bankable stars of today’s time, Akshay Kumar in lead. The theme of the film will coincide with the mood of the country, which should help it take a promising start at the Box-Office, especially in the metros. While a bumper opening as of now looks unlikely, the biz will definitely be escalated due to the national holiday. The two teasers of Gold were extremely effective; however, the trailer was just about decent mainly appeasing the audience in the metros. The music is poor and will do nothing to add onto the buzz of the film. Gold seems to be yet another Akshay Kumar film (hopefully the last one in the coming few years) that would be dependant on word of mouth publicity. The biz of Gold will be affected by Satyameva Jayate in the mass centres due to the genre, however Kumar’s stardom shall keep it a lot above SMJ when the opening day collections come in.

Satyameva Jayate:

Believe it or not, the success of Parmanu will help Satyameva Jayate get going at the Box-Office as far as the initial is concerned. The theatrical trailer of the film has created a ground level excitement among the masses, and it should ensure that the film takes a fair start at the ticket window. Unlike Gold that will be targeting the multiplex audience, SMJ will be appealing to the masses. The songs of Satayameva Jayate have been finding place on musical charts and adding to the buzz. Though Satyameva Jayate won’t harm Gold much at the multiplexes, it would eat onto a substantial chunk of business at the single screens. This has got a lot to do with the action genre, which masses usually like to watch. John Abraham too on the other hand has a reasonable image of being an action star, and his films have been consistently opening around the Rs 5.00 crore mark on Non-Holidays’. Being a Holiday release, the opening of Satyameva Jayate should be higher than other Abraham films.

The combined collections of Gold and Satyameva Jayate should be around the Rs 30 crore mark (+/-10%) on the opening day. Although neither of the film would reach the optimum capacity of film business due to limitation in the appeal, the two will embark onto a good start and the eventual fate of both the films would be dependent on word of mouth. The two films are appealing to different set of audience, and there is enough bandwidth in India to accommodate two releases on a single day. A final prediction for both films would be made closer to the release depending on the excitement among the audience. Stay Tuned.




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