June 1990 – This was when Sunny Deol’s Ghayal came face to face with Aamir Khan’s Dil. While Sunny was a reigning star, Aamir was a newbie in the industry. Pretty soon, Aamir Khan was looked at as a reliable romantic lead and the chocolate boy image stuck to him.

February 2016 – Coming with the sequel Ghayal Once Again, Sunny Deol has a similar situation waiting for him all over again as there is another romantic musical in the fray. The film in question is Loveshhuda which has another debutant director Vaibhav Misra at the helm of affairs. Starring chocolate boy Girish Kumar who has already attracted audience attention, courtesy his youthful appeal in the love anthem ‘Mar Jaayen‘ and the party anthem ‘Peene Ki Tamanna‘ followed by the youth anthem ‘Dono Ke Dono’, the film is striking the right chord amongst youth.

Loveshhuda and ghayal Once Again movie posters
Loveshhuda and ghayal Once Again movie posters

Call it a coincidence, but the fact remains that Sunny and his ‘Ghayal‘ is time and again bumping into the zone of romantic musicals. Whether it was Aamir Khan’s Dil so many years ago or Girish Kumar’s Loveshhuda now.

Not that there weren’t attempts made to avoid this clash. Readers would remember that to begin with, both Loveshhuda and Ghayal Once Again were slated to arrive on 15th January. However, with mutual understanding between the makers, Loveshhuda found a good space for itself and announced its release for 5th February instead.

However, destiny has its own way of playing games. Now Loveshhuda & Ghayal Once Again are both arriving on 5th February – the same date that has been reserved by the team of Loveshhuda.

Guess it was pretty much written that Loveshhuda and Ghayal Once Again would clash. No one is complaining though as both films are quite different from each other in terms of genre and presentation. As for the history repeating itself 25 years later with their romantic musical taking on an action flick, guess it isn’t something that Girish and Navneet would be minding.

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