Padmaavat has now taken an altogether different dimension. What seemed like a weekend game came into its own right through its first week and post that even the second-week euphoria seemed to be bound in time. However, the manner in which the Sanjay Leela Bhansali film is doing in its third week is the testimony to the fact that it is taking a Blockbuster proportion.


That can be well seen from the fact that 17.80 crores more came in the third weekend as a result of which the film currently stands at 253.80 crores. These are unbelievable numbers because PadMan is in the running as well and that film has collected around 40 crores too in its opening weekend. However, Padmaavat is turning out to be a major challenge as there is a huge section of audience continuing to give this film some very good attention.

Box Office - Padmaavat shows yet again that well made big budget films are set to rule at the big screen
Despite PadMan, Padmaavat Continues To Rule At The Box Office!


The manner in which the film is still going great guns, around 10 crores more are expected in weekdays to come. That would take the film closer to the 265 crore mark. One can very well imagine that the 300 crore club entry would have been a given for the film had it released across the country.

Nonetheless, Padmaavat has emerged as a huge success for Bollywood which yet again goes on to prove (after this and Baahubali) that big budget films have a huge market waiting to be exploited if presented well for the big screen.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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  1. Seriously? Had this movie been released and run only through ONE week, it would have flopped domestically. This is not about big budget movies having huge markets. It was propelled due to stupid controversies. One more thing – this movie isn’t about the glorification of rajputs or whatever, but also that of a tyrant who made a whole kingdom shiver. Speaking about the roles, Shahid and Deepika were just essaying the role and were just so normal and average. Nothing exceptional. As for Ranveer, he was just overracting. If you believe he had to see psychiatrists because he was too much into that role, then you’ve just been trolled. Now see how this movie will rake bogus awards.

  2. Everybody read the Wikipedia page for this movie and then you get to know about all the unfairness in this movie conceived by a no talent director as Bhansali.


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